How Does Saiyami Kher Navigate Red Flags In Relationship? Hear It From Her

"Sometimes women don't want to go through the pain of breaking up despite all the red flags," said Saiyami Kher in a recent conversation with SheThePeople

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Saiyami Kher as Tanvi in Sharmajee Ki Beti

Saiyami Kher brought to life the character of Tanvi Sharma in Sharmajee Ki Beti, a woman living in Mumbai with a burning passion for cricket and dreams of making it to the national team. However, her journey hits a roadblock when her loving boyfriend struggles to accept her dedication to cricket, asking her to give it up. So, you might wonder what happened next. Did she abandon cricket, or did she choose her passion over love?


To find out what happens, you'll need to watch the film. However, in a recent conversation with SheThePeople, Saiyami Kher shared insights into her character, Tanvi.

Kher's Insights on Facing Societal Judgements

In the film, we see Tanvi grappling with the dual roles she has to play in her life. Her boyfriend struggles to accept her tomboyish nature, athletic body, and love for sports. When we asked Kher if she, as a woman, has ever faced similar societal judgements or expectations when deviating from the traditional ideal of womanhood and how she navigated these challenges, especially as an athlete, she shared some insightful thoughts.

Kher explained, "Well, I am an actor, and this is something I've been doing for the last seven years. I played sports as a child, so I have actually never been judged. Even if I had, it didn't really matter because of my upbringing. I've always grown up around very strong women, so people's opinions really never mattered at all. I don't think it was a man-woman thing; it was just that people's opinions didn't matter."

She continued, "I always pursued what I wanted to do, whether it was playing cricket as a child when girls didn't play cricket and getting the wickets of a lot of boys, or pursuing acting even if it wasn't something societally accepted. It's something I wanted to do, and it didn't matter what people had to say."

Why Woman Take Time to Prioritise Passion


However, unlike Kher, who has always been unaffected by others' opinions, Tanvi faces a dilemma. She loves her boyfriend, and his expectations weigh heavily on her, pushing her to compromise her dreams. We asked Kher, who brings Tanvi's character to life convincingly, why she thinks Tanvi took considerable time to realise the importance of prioritising her profession or passion after being in a relationship and how significant this realisation is for women.

Kher shared her thoughts, saying, "I think Tanvi took time. I feel a lot of women go through this as well, where you're so invested in the relationship that you don't realise the red flags. Sometimes you realise the red flags but just kind of go on with it because it's easier. You don't want to go through the pain of breaking up despite all the red flags."

She added, "So that's what kind of happens sometimes, but then sense prevails eventually. I feel everything takes its time. Even if it is a bad relationship, you have to learn your lessons before you exit it. So I feel this is pretty much what happened with Tanvi, and I don't think there's anyone in the world who should stop you from pursuing your profession or passions."

Kher emphasised, "That is a major red flag. So thankfully, Tanvi realised it, even though it took time, but she realised it, and that is how it should be. You can take your time and be sure that what you're doing is the right thing, and you should always listen to your heart."

The Role of a Supportive Partner in Success

Kher also emphasised the role of a partner in a woman's journey towards success. She expressed, "I believe having a supportive partner is crucial because you need someone to confide in, share your frustrations with, and celebrate your joys with. Life is about sharing these moments with a loved one. Even if you achieve great success alone, it loses its meaning without someone to share it with."

She added, "Similarly, during tough times, having someone by your side to comfort you is invaluable. Finding the right partner may take time, and it's important to recognise red flags and avoid unhealthy relationships. Having a supportive partner is vital in life."

Saiyami Kher’s portrayal of Tanvi is a celebration of self-empowerment and the pursuit of one’s true passions, reminding us that our dreams are worth fighting for. Watch Tanvi’s battle in Sharmajee Ki Beti only on Amazon Prime Video.

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