Prableen Kaur Bhomrah Redefines Beauty Standards With Skin Positivity

In an interview with SheThePeople, Bhomrah discussed how her personal journey of embracing acne and scars fueled her passion to bring about a change in the beauty industry.

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Prableen Kaur Bhomrah

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah | Photo on left shot by Bhushan Sadani, Sairaj Parab

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah breaks free from traditional beauty standards and challenges societal norms with her empowering and uplifting perspective. Embracing a positive and inspiring outlook, she fearlessly discusses topics including body positivity, the impact of social media, and the world of fashion.

What sets Bhomrah apart is her genuine and unfiltered approach, where she courageously showcases her authentic self to her followers. In an industry dominated by edited perfection, her transparency and willingness to reveal her raw side resonate deeply with her audience. She stands as a beacon of authenticity and inspiration in the world of beauty influencers.

In an interview with SheThePeople, Bhomrah discussed how her personal journey of embracing acne and scars fueled her passion to bring about a change in the beauty industry. By sharing her own experiences and advocating for self-acceptance, she aims to inspire others to do the same. She spoke to us about breaking free from societal pressure to attain a picture-perfect image and embracing imperfections as a source of strength.

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah Interview

Sharing her journey as India's first Skin Positivity Influencer and Digital Content Creator, Bhomrah recalled what inspired her to start this journey.

She said, "My journey has been transformative and empowering. It began with my personal struggles and insecurities regarding my skin and body. Growing up, I faced constant comments about my weight and acne, which took a toll on my self-esteem. Eventually, I was diagnosed with PCOS, further adding to my challenges."

She recalled how, initially, she turned to social media as an escape, using filters and editing tools to hide her imperfections and present a perfect image. However, an incident at a beauty industry event where she was criticised for her acne shattered her confidence. It was a turning point that inspired her to create content centred around embracing one's true self without filters.

How did 'No Filter with PKB' Start?

She launched 'No Filter with PKB', a platform dedicated to promoting skin positivity and challenging the prevailing beauty standards that demand perfection. Her objective was to create a safe space where individuals could openly discuss their insecurities and embrace their unique beauty. Recognising the limited emphasis on skin positivity within the larger body positivity movement, she identified a crucial need for conversations centred specifically around the skin.

With 'No Filter with PKB' she aims to empower people to embrace their skin, flaws and all, and foster a shift in societal perceptions of beauty. Through open and honest discussions, inspirational stories, and valuable resources, her platform sought to encourage individuals to love and accept themselves unconditionally.

On Skin Positivity

She defines skin positivity as a concept rooted in creating a positive impact and transforming the societal narrative surrounding beauty. For her, it is a journey driven by the belief that true beauty lies in embracing and accepting oneself as they are. 

Especially in India, there is a strong cultural emphasis on achieving fair and flawless skin. From a young age, family members and society constantly impose the idea of using creams and makeup to appear fair and have clear skin, hiding any imperfections like acne or scars. This approach to beauty always focused on enhancing one's appearance rather than embracing their natural features. It was this realisation that drove me to challenge the existing narrative and bring about change."

She aimed to shift the focus from concealing imperfections to embracing them, realising the importance of changing the narrative for both body acceptance and self-confidence.

For her, skincare and makeup should enhance natural beauty and instil confidence rather than rely on filters or unrealistic standards. The concept of skin positivity held significant meaning as it involved showcasing reality and normalising common features like texture, open pores, and acne that everyone experiences to some extent.

When asked, what, in her opinion, are some common factors that contribute to low self-esteem and negative body image, and how can individuals overcome these challenges? She shared how, despite facing hate and negative comments about her body and skin, the initial impact gradually diminished for her. She learned to prioritise self-worth and not let such negativity affect her.

She shared that society's unattainable beauty standards, influenced by celebrities with specific body types and flawless looks, have ingrained unrealistic ideals. However, she is hopeful, as the industry is slowly changing and showcasing diverse bodies and skin tones. 

To foster inclusivity, brands should cast individuals of different sizes as main leads, not just as supporting characters. It's crucial for individuals to speak positively to themselves and appreciate their uniqueness. Embracing skin positivity and self-acceptance requires taking that initial step and showing oneself to the world without fear. Every day should be taken as an opportunity to practise self-love and invest a few minutes in personal well-being.
"I know that getting out of your house, looking at yourself in the mirror, and saying good things to yourself when you have so much acne or other insecurities can be really challenging for the longest time, so I know that it's a very long journey, but I feel that by taking a day as a whole and really putting that into practise, those five minutes of your day for yourself will really make a very big difference in the long run."
Bhomrah not only embraces self-acceptance but also encourages others to embrace their unique beauty and celebrates the profound authenticity that resonates in the world of beauty influencers.
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