Meet Saniya Mistri, 15-Year-Old Rapper From Mumbai Eager To Change The World

When asked what was the reason behind her choice of topics for her raps, Mistri clarified that many times her friends, as well as she herself, was told that they won't be able to achieve anything in life, owing to the fact that they belong from an unprivileged background.

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Mumbai rapper girl Saniya Mistri
Saniya Mistri Qaiyummuddin, a 15-year-old rapper from Mumbai earned recognition for her recent single album Sach which garnered over 12,000 views on the internet. From societal injustice to unfair treatment owing to her age, she raps about what bothers her.

Neither unrealistic scenarios nor aesthetic elements, Mistri captures the reality of life in the overlooked corners of Mumbai. She gained fame after the release of her original song ">Sach. The song deals with the unfair education system gives too much importance to marks.

Talking about it with SheThePeople, Mistri said, "I have seen it many times, people priorities marks over merit regardless of whether students understand the topic."

While many find it hard to believe that the teen rapper writes her lyrics herself owing to the mature topics she deals with.

Mistri started singing when she was just eight years old and then took to rapping at the age of 13. Singer-rapper Emiway Bantai was her greatest inspiration.

Mistri shared that her mother has always supported her. Even though others close to her were initially shocked, they eventually came around and praised her for her work. This has given Mistri the confidence to to pursue rapping as a career.

When asked what was the reason behind her choice of topics for her raps, Mistri said she and her friends have been told time and again that they will not be able to achieve anything in life. Coming from a underprivileged background, it bothers Mistri when she is faced even more discrimination and exclusion.


Mistri said that when she can not share her problems with others, she writes them down. She tries to explain to others the problems people from her age as well as background face through her songs.

Mumbai rapper girl Saniya Mistri PC: Saniya/Instagram

"Ladki Hai, Tujhe Bartan Hi Dhona Hai"

Being a girl, Mistri is burdened with judgements and unrealistic expectations.

"At times even my parents used to say that you are a girl, you won't be able to do anything other than washing dishes, even studying won't do you any good." Disappointed by the unfair treatment and underestimation, Mistri raised the question, "Why do we feel girls are in any way lesser than boys?"

She lives in Shivajinagar of Mumbai, an area which is often looked down upon by posher public. Her teachers are no different. Many of her friends from her locality are ridiculed in school by people who are supposed to educate them. Teachers have gone far enough to say that children from Shivajinagar are not good in academics. This is what Mistri wants to change. This is what her fight is against.

Watch her video Sach here:

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