How I’m Embracing Motherhood Wholly After Challenging Pregnancy: Judith Tony

Judith Tony
Judith Tony did not have a smooth pregnancy; if anything, she had humongous challenges and stress levels throughout her journey but her faith in the outcome and her family’s endearing support helped her. She is now a proud mama, reflecting on her journey with utmost gratitude.

Judith Tony shares with SheThePeople how she faced a roller coaster of a pregnancy, what kept her going strong and how motherhood has changed her life for the better.

Judith Tony motherhood story

“We received our Christmas gift a little early last year! At first, I got worried when my pregnancy test came out positive, just two weeks after my husband left for his job in Canada. Even though it was out of our plans, we accepted pregnancy with so much happiness and love. But the journey from dealing with postpartum stresses to motherhood wasn’t easy! I was to fly to Canada within 6 months after getting a spousal permanent residence.

To my surprise, I was missing my periods and everything got put on hold. I took a test which gave us the best surprise of our lives! Seeing the 2 dark lines was the happiest and most shocking thing. 6 months he stayed with me after marriage then went back to Canada saying he is going to start our paperwork for spousal permanent residence. Slowly we realised, paperwork takes time and I couldn’t travel to Canada and will have to wait for a few more months for my delivery to add a baby to the procedure to travel.

Initially, in the 1st week, I was admitted to the hospital several times a month and survived with IV fluids. I doubted if I could handle this pregnancy. I had no feeling that I was pregnant. Was not able to enjoy pregnancy initially 4 months with 24 *7 vomiting.

Although my mom and brother were always with me to support and care for me and things were getting better I really wanted my husband to see me before delivering our child as it had already been 5 months since we were pregnant. I wanted him to feel the baby moving. Started praying at least he gets a chance to see me as pregnant.

He came on 11th August and the amount of joy was unexplainable and luckily we could go for a maternity shoot the next day, which I had been longing for. After sharing 4 days of soon-to-be parents to being parents forever, our pregnancy was nothing less than a roller coaster and we are loving all our nights full of lullabies.”

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