Viral Video: Adorable Moment Shared Between Father-In-Law And Daughter-In-Law

father and daughter-in-law viral video
Rupal Singh Chauhan shared an adorable Instagram reel with her father-in-law and the audience is finding it too adorable. On International Men’s Day, let’s look at the supportive and wholesome men who don’t shy away from showering love or being vulnerable with their loved ones.

The relationship between a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law is considered to be very formal and dutiful. Very rarely are stories of such bonds spoken about in films or in media. In the most traditional and patriarchal structure, a woman goes to live with her in-laws after marriage and eventually becomes a core member of the family. But unfortunately, it is seen that daughters-in-law are treated as outsiders even after years of their marriage. Things are changing just like in the case of Rupal Singh Chauhan who shares a beautiful bond with her in-laws.

Father And Daughter-In-Law Viral Video

Singh told SheThePeople that she was hesitant about getting married since she had preconceived notions about how the life of a woman changes after marriage and she gets caged with responsibilities and patriarchal expectations. So when she got married in 2020, she was nervous about the next phase of her life, but she found her in-laws to be quite friendly and accommodating. Many told her that they are being nice for now but in a few years, it’ll go away. But to her surprise, Singh found a second set of parents in her in-laws.

She says, “My husband has a brother who is also married so my in-laws say that they have four children now. I was sceptical about getting married but all the love I have got from this family has changed my life for the best. Our bond has grown so strong that I feel awkward calling them my in-laws because they are just like my own parents.”

Recently, Chauhan shared an Instagram reel on her feed where she tried a viral trend with her father-in-law. In the video, it can be seen that her FIL is holding the camera as she is dancing in front of him. As the background music drops the beat it is revealed that the camera was capturing the facial expression of her FIL instead of her dance and it is priceless. His face can be seen gleaming with happiness as he records the dance video and this whole idea was planned out by Chauhan with the help of her husband and mother-in-law. Her husband was taking the behind-the-screen shots of the duo and according to Chauhan, her MIL was, “somehow holding her laughter”.

When she showed the captured video to her FIL he was shocked and asked how his face get recorded. He told Chauhan, “You were recording me? badmash ladki, should have told me, I would dress up a little for this!” Chauhan says that it was a tricky reel as we could only get it done at one to capture his genuine reaction and, “I’m so happy it turned out this way.”

Vulnerable Men Are Wholesome

Further Chauhan says that “This video might seem very cute to everyone but this is the life that I lead, so much love being showered on me everyday.” She shared that her FIL is a retired Army officer who looks like a strict person but on the inside, he is, “the most loving person one can come across who gets teary-eyed when he sees us happy and is all about spoiling his kids. He’s the kind of man we need to celebrate on days like today.” This is inspiring for several father figures who are taught to think that men cannot cry or it’s shameful for men to be emotional and loving towards their loved ones. This International Men’s Day, let’s break these stereotypes.

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