What It Takes To Balance The Highs And Lows: Jannat Zubair Tells Us

In an interview with SheThePeople, Jannat Zubair shared untold stories about her journey in entertainment, balancing the highs and lows that come with fame, maintaining mental well-being, and dealing with competition in the age of booming content creation.

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Actor Influencer Jannat Zubair on Trolling Hate

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Meet Jannat Zubair, the multi-talented artist who embarked on her journey at the age of 6 and now, at 22, has conquered both the industry and social media. In an interview with SheThePeople, Jannat Zubair shared untold stories about her journey in entertainment, balancing the highs and lows that come with fame, maintaining mental well-being, and dealing with competition on social media.

Early Struggles And Triumphs In Entertainment

Jannat Zubair opened up about her early struggles in the entertainment industry, revealing that her foray into acting began at the tender age of six. She recalled her auditions and early experiences, emphasising how her father's desire for her to become an actor played a pivotal role and how she started as a garment model. She recounted the initial phase where she modelled numerous outfits daily, eventually leading to her selection for advertisements. Her first breakthrough came with a commercial, where only her shadow was featured. Despite her face not being visible, the experience marked a significant achievement in that she finally made it to television.

Since then, Zubair has been on the go, her journey is marked by her involvement in a multitude of television shows, operas, and films, showcasing her enduring presence and versatility in the industry.

Influence In The Social Media Sphere

In addition to conquering the entertainment industry, Zubair's influence extends to the realm of influencers. With an impressive follower count of nearly 50 million, she stands out as one of the youngest social media personalities. However, social media harbours an unwelcome visitor: trolling, and Zubair, who has been in the limelight since childhood, has been a firsthand witness to its impact.


In a candid conversation, she openly discussed the profound and damaging effects of trolling on social media platforms. She shared her part of the journey in this particularly vicious epidemic, affecting other youngsters and adults alike. She said, "The hate on social media leaves me speechless at times. Despite harmless content and minding my own business, people find ways to spread negativity. It's hard to completely handle it, and I'm still learning to not care about what they say. I still feel affected, and I still feel like, 'Why is this even happening?' I still feel it's illogical to do something like that."

She added, "I have had experiences with social media trolls and hate for the past five or six years. Personally, I've reached a stage where encountering such comments is expected, and I'm mentally prepared for it. However, I am concerned for individuals who are just starting their journey on social media, especially those who are younger, like 16 or 17 years old. I hope they don't internalise the negativity, questioning their worth or feeling inadequate."

Tackling Trolling and Online Hate

In the past, individuals could hide behind anonymity while engaging online without facing any repercussions. However, with the evolution of laws protecting user sanity, this scenario has changed. Unfortunately, some people still fail to comprehend the profound impact of their comments on someone's life. Zubair, having faced her share of online challenges, expressed her perspective. She remarked, "I think they do it not out of fear that someone might confront them face-to-face for their comments. They know they can comfortably comment from their homes, and our only recourse is to block or report them. They appear content with these actions, perhaps fueled by an abundance of time. My sincere hope is that they come to understand the real-world consequences of hate that they leave on the internet."

She revealed her approach to dealing with negativity and maintaining resilience. She stated, "When I come across comments that are not in line with what I want on my profile, I also encounter numerous positive ones filled with love, support, motivation, and encouragement. This positive engagement is what uplifts my spirits. So, I believe there's a balance."


Addressing Mental Health

In recent times, the severity of online trolling has become evident, leading to tragic consequences and posing a significant threat to mental well-being. Addressing this issue, she shared that she has been fortunate enough to never reach a point where seeking therapy became a necessity. Expressing her gratitude, she said, "I've always been open with them about my feelings, even on challenging days when I questioned my ability to cope."

She went on to add, "Mental health is a significant issue, and I'm glad it's being acknowledged and discussed openly. With growing awareness, individuals are more likely to recognise when they need support and feel encouraged to share their experiences. I hope we can collectively work towards creating an environment where online hate doesn't push anyone to the point of needing therapy."

The insightful conversation concluded on a note about her upcoming project, which is different from her usual work, but it's a dream she's always had. She said, "I'm currently working hard on its proper launch, and it's something I've always wanted to do. Stay tuned for more details!"

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