How Did Avika Gor Find Ground In Bollywood Post Balika Vadhu Fame?

Actor Avika Gor, in an interview with SheThePeople, reflected on her decade-long journey in the entertainment industry, emphasising her selective approach to the characters she portrays.

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Actor Avika Gor, in an interview with SheThePeople, reflected on her decade-long journey in the entertainment industry, emphasising her selective approach to the characters she portrays. The actor, who recently turned producer, also discussed navigating the PR landscape without a film background, highlighting the importance of personal branding and adapting to industry changes.ย 


Her Journey from Childhood to Stardom

Starting her career in the entertainment industry at just 10 years old, Avika Gor quickly rose to fame, winning several awards and accolades by the age of 12. In the interview, Avika reflected on her journey, sharing her experiences and inspirations along the way. "I think even before I realised the actual meaning of being a star, I was already at a stage where people were kind of feeling that for me," she recalled.ย ย 

Transitioning from television to the South Indian film industry, Avika Gor made her debut in the Telugu film Uyyala Jampala in 2013, which was produced by Ram Mohan P and Nagarjuna. Sharing a memorable moment from her early career, the actor fondly recalled working under Nagarjuna's production. "The way I saw him give his 100% in every interview, the way I saw him treat his team with kindness and love, and he's just so humble and so nice," she said. "I think that was one moment where I realised that there's a reason he's Nagarjuna. There's a reason people love him so much. And this is what it isโ€”the simplicity, the beauty of the kind heart that he has."

She highlighted some of her inspirations in the industry, stating, "I've been inspired by Shahrukh Khan. I've been inspired by a lot of actresses, like Priyanka Chopra. I think they are outstanding. And I want to be like them."


Reflecting on how she used to choose her roles before compared to now, Gor discussed the evolution in her decision-making process and credited it to team dynamics and character significance. She explained, "The biggest reason for me to say yes to many projects has always been the kind of team I'm dealing with. I want good characters where I can perform and show people what I'm capable of as an actor." Gor discussed her selective approach, saying, "I've been very choosy for many years, picking characters that add value to the script." She expressed gratitude for the opportunities she's received, noting, "God has been kind, guiding me towards projects where I get to perform and showcase my skills."

About Her Upcoming Film Bloody Ishq

Gor opens up about her role in the upcoming film Bloody Ishq and how she got the part. Reflecting on her experience, she mentions, "I did 1920: Horrors of the Heart with Mahesh Bhatt Sir, which was released last year, which definitely was a very big hit. I did not really audition for Bloody Ishq; I was called by the makers of the film, and they kind of convinced me that, at my age, with this stability that I have, they thought that I can pull it off. And that's how it happened. I'm happy that I'm a part of a project with the same team for the second time. My last experience with them was extremely exciting. And this one was also really thrilling and really fun."

Speaking about her character in the film, Gor describes it as "really very complicated and complex." She shares, "As a performer, I realised that while doing it, if, as an actor, you have like 10 ways of doing a certain scene, I had to gather the courage to find the 11th. I had to gather the courage to go out of my comfort zone and do something extremely different that I could otherwise never even think of. So it was a difficult character, I would say."


Navigating the PR Game Without a Film Background

The actor next highlighted the challenges she has encountered along the way. She emphasised that, while she hasn't faced many difficult situations as an actor,ย  however starting her film journey in Telugu cinema, presented the challenge of mastering the language and dialogues.

Regarding the evolving landscape of the industry, Gor pointed out that "the most interestingly difficult thing" that she has started to realise is the PR game that usually needs to be out there. She acknowledged the importance of personal branding and connecting with audiences beyond film projects, "Letting people know how you are actually as a person, and not just about the character and the film, and not just about promoting a particular project, but also to show people how you actually are so that they relate to you and to create that whole idea of really crazy PR, I think that is something that I'm still learning and I will keep learning."

Gor also emphasised her journey in the industry as someone not from a film background or a nepotistic environment. She shared, "I don't come from a film background or have influential contacts to rely on. I believe in patience and waiting for the right opportunities."

Reflecting on her Bollywood debut as a sudden surprise and subsequent success, she acknowledged "Unexpected moments like my Bollywood debut with 1920 have shown me that talent can pave the way, even without following the typical PR strategies. The audience's love and interest in my work keep me motivated to navigate the evolving industry landscape."


Aspirations for Future Projects

Avika Gor also expressed her desire to work in romantic dramas and showcase her dancing skills in her next projects. Avika stated, "I'm aiming to delve into romantic dramas, exploring deeper love stories beyond rom-coms." She added, "I have a strong feeling that this opportunity will come my way soon."

Reflecting on her passion for dancing in films, Avika mentioned, "I've been waiting for a film where I can showcase my dance skills. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to dance my heart out in a future project."

Sisterhood In The Industry

Gor also emphasised the importance of nurturing positive friendships and shared her perspective on handling friendship dynamics, especially when facing challenges or changes. She expressed, "I've been fortunate to have supportive friends who focus on growth and positivity." She highlighted, "I don't recall negative experiences with friendships because of the strong bonds I've formed."

Reflecting on a specific instance with her friend Mahima Makwana, when Antim came first to her and later Makwana got finalised for the role, she shared, "Instead of feeling upset about a role switch in a film, I chose to celebrate her success. That's the kind of friendship everyone deserves."ย 

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