Meet Perla Tijerina, Woman Living On Top Of Snow-Covered Volcano To Set World Record

Perla Tijerina is living in the mountains, on Pico de Orizaba, which is the highest mountain in Latin America, at an altitude of 5,636 meters above sea level.

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Perla Tijerina
Perla Tijerina, a Mexican woman plans to set a world record by spending a whole month living atop a massive volcano. The 31-year-old is living on Pico de Orizaba, which is the highest mountain in Latin America, at an altitude of 5,636 meters above sea level. She has been living there for eight days now.

The daring woman is very eager to take on the awe-inspiring challenge of spending 32 days atop the towering volcano, a task that would instill fear in the hearts of many mountain climbers.

Perla Tijerina, a resident of Saltillo, Mexico, expressed her interest in testing her mental strength during an interview. This urge led her to embark on a significant endeavour which she is referring to as the 'high-rise woman.'

Perla Tijerina's adventure at Pico de Orizaba

Perla has faced several setbacks such as strong gusts of wind, thunderstorms, illness, and hypothermia while climbing mountains. However, she has persevered and overcome these obstacles.

Prior to undertaking the high-rise woman challenge, Perla Tijerina underwent medical examinations and will be continuously monitored at the top to ensure that her oxygen levels and blood pressure are under control, thus ensuring her safety.

Perla has selected several items to take from her home to occupy herself and stay amused, as well.


According to her, she is never truly alone on the mountain because she has an abundance of books to read and sufficient time to meditate. Furthermore, she always keeps the bible with her to maintain her spiritual and mental strength.

Perla Tijerina is documenting her personal journey on social media platforms such as Instagram. In a video that has garnered over 2,600 views and received numerous likes along with words of encouragement, she presented her camping location and the nearby peaks to her learned audience.

The camping location and the surrounding mountains were beautifully captured in many videos and pictures that also depicted the challenges the woman had to face.

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