Kashmir Mother Resumes Studies After 9 Years, Tops Class 10 Board Examination

Khaliq would study after she sent her children to school or late in the evenings after she completed her household chores.

Ritika Joshi
Sep 16, 2022 06:14 IST
kashmir mother resumes studies
A Kashmir woman resumed her studies after nearly a decade and topped the class 10 board examination. The mother of three spent the previous nine years of her married life tending to her home and children and emerged as a topper with 93 percent.

Sabreena Khaliq, the mother of three topped this year’s class 10 bi-annual board examination in Kashmir with 93 percent. The mother residing in Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir had to leave her studies after she got married in 2013 when she was a teenager.

Khaliq said, “I married early and it was my decision. Then I started taking care of the household and could not focus on my studies. After having children, I became busier.” She often thought about resuming her studies but her responsibilities made it difficult.

Kashmir Mother Resumes Studies


After her children grew up and began their education, she thought it was time to resume her studies. Khaliq’s eldest daughter is eight, her second child is six, and her youngest child is three years of age.

With two of her children in school, Khaliq decided to resume her education and gave the class 10 board examination. She said, “My in-laws were very supportive and we filed the form for this year’s bi-annual examination. Most of my discussions over this were with my mother-in-law and father-in-law.”

Khaliq would study after she sent her children to school or late in the evenings after she completed her household chores. She took help from her sister, her three sisters-in-law, and her husband, who has done a Master of Science (MSc) and teaches in a college in Srinagar.


She said her family members were very supportive of her. Khaliq added that it initially appeared difficult to resume her studies after nine years, but she was determined to continue. She was confident that she would pass the class 10 board examination but did not expect to top.

Khaliq secured 467 marks out of 500 and was one of two candidates to get an A1 grade out of the 8,934 candidates who qualified for the exam. A total of 25,078 students had enrolled for the exam. She realised that she topped a day after the results were announced.

Khaliq said, "A girl should remain strong. One should focus on one's dream and move ahead. Age just does not matter." She added that she was planning on continuing her studies and finishing class 12, after which she would make further decisions about her future.


Her mother-in-law Rafeeqa Begum said that her family told her to continue her studies and helped her with household chores. She said, "If any woman wants to study further and make her life after marriage, she should be motivated and given every opportunity. Her mother-in-law should help her."

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