With Bumble, You Can Dream Of Falling in Love From The Couch!

We all now have the luxury of time. Let's make use of it to talk and to listen. Real connections are waiting for you, just one Bumble app away!

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Black Friday Best Phone Deals, With Bumble, You Can Dream Of Falling in Love From The Couch!

Video calls are in. Small talk is out. And between these two you can now find genuine connections, with the bonus of not having to step out of your home! You don’t have to worry anymore about who will pay for the first date, or fret about the pace at which that first meet might go. It seems that this pandemic has eased, at least temporarily, some of the peripheral anxiety around dating.


You can be the most socially-awkward person ever, but after the second week of lockdown, even you must have desperately missed not having the option of dressing up, going out and meeting like-minded people. Being stuck all day within the four walls, sandwiched between domestic responsibilities and work pressure, we’re all yearning for new conversations that are not about this lockdown or pandemic. And so, here enters virtual dating with Bumble!

Time is no longer a constraint

Every cloud has a silver lining. And the luxury of time is definitely one, as we navigate these uncertain times. No one is in a rush. No one has to leave hurriedly for the next appointment. Getting to *really* know someone is the name of the dating game right now. While physical attraction takes only a few seconds to develop, the joy of long conversations is non-negotiable when you’re in it for the L-word. From healthy flirting to glimpses into one’s quirks, followed by deep discussions - the evolution of a relationship is, now more than ever, a function of the time you spend going beyond those first impressions. Who are you when the make-up after the first-date comes off? Romance along with kindness and patience is making a grand comeback, and we love it! And we also love that Bumble is facilitating this narrative with an arsenal of in-app features like the ice-breaker Question Game feature, and Video and Voice calls.

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Cinderella doesn’t have to go to that ball anymore

Cinderella went to the ball, and still didn’t find enough time to get to know the prince better. Thanks to virtual-dates, not only does the modern-day Cinderella not have a curfew (well, kinda!), but Mr Charming already knows which shoe fits his match, all thanks to Profile Badges and the super-fun Question Game on Bumble. We strongly recommend your questions tread beyond “Where do you live/work?” Knowing likes and dislikes are wonderful. It’s when you understand the quirks... that’s when the violins start tuning in the background. The fact that both of you are freaked out of your wits by spiders will save you from watching Arachnophobia on a virtual movie-date. We are all deep, but we also know deal-breakers when we see them!


Once this pandemic subsides, there’s no doubt that we will get back to meeting in person. Until then, take the first micro-step. Make the first move into the future. There’s a whole new world of possibilities to explore... safely from the comfort of your couch in your favourite pyjamas. Because the Cinderella of this story likes being herself.

So, we highly recommend using this luxury of time to talk and truly listen. Share your hopes and fears. Discuss your challenges and wins. What inspires you in these dreary times? What brings a smile to your face - your favourite movie, your pet or the Bollywood quiz your family organises every week? Real connections are waiting for you, just one app away.

All it will take is to Download Bumble, now on the App Store or Google Play Store

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