Why I Write: I Write To Encourage Diversity Of Thoughts And Feelings

sarita mathur

Writing –It is a part of who I am, my very essence. Putting feelings into words and then words onto paper to fully understand yourself. That is the meaning of writing to me.

In this present time, in the digital age, people write directly onto iPad or computer.

That does not matter.

Writing itself clears your thoughts and your emotions. What better way to express them than to write about them?

A word, a thought or a feeling, to look back on and remember.

If you put feelings down into words, you can understand yourself better. Life is about love and relationships.

My relationship with myself, nature, my soul and of course with people.

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When I was growing up in India, I would sometimes be in a dream world conjuring up different images. I loved reading and going off into a different world of fairies and gnomes. I was led into magic and a world of make-believe. I could achieve anything I wanted, and I always had help.

The author, Enid Blyton, was very popular and her novels of girls in boarding schools left me enthralled. After that came detective novels. Nancy Drew as well as Sherlock Holmes became firm favourites.

My mind became analytical and I fancied myself as a detective. I was addicted to books.

A proverbial book-worm.

Of course, I had to love writing. In India, everyone read the newspaper from a very young age and reading was encouraged. Reading books broadened the mind. Both sides of the mind were activated – the creative right side as well as the logical left. My father was in the Indian army. That career took him to different places all over India. I went to Maharani Gayatri Devi, a boarding school for girls. The world of Enid Blyton had entered my life. I soon found I had a knack of writing about people. I wrote poems about my friends on their birthdays. They would be gifted with a poem written by me.

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The world was getting smaller because of technology and people were no longer in touch with their feelings. I wrote about innovation and encouraged people to talk about their thoughts and feelings. To stay connected. Prayer and cell phones were linked together in a poem I wrote. Below is an extract.

Prayer and Cell Phones

Everywhere I go,

I see people with heads bowed low,

Walking as if in prayer,

Talking on their cell phone,

Smiling at it,

Tapping at it.

Or sitting in restaurants,

Not eating or talking to friends.

Just heads bowed low,

As if in prayer.

Addicted to their cell phones.

The virtual world has taken over and we have to take cover.

Everywhere, I go see people,

Walking as if in prayer.

With heads bowed low.

I write because I am putting thoughts into words to be remembered for eternity. Writing for me is therapeutic.

I love writing about the soul.

Not organized religion but spirituality. Nature inspires me and living in Durban, South Africa is therapeutic. With its rolling hills and beautiful beaches, Durban is the perfect place for artists and poets. People from all parts of the global village reside in this city and it is a melting pot of different cultures. What a wonderful place to live in and to be inspired by the wealth of knowledge which exists in different cultures and religions. I write to encourage diversity of thought and feeling.

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I have this firm belief that the heart knows only love. All else is an absence of love. We must get rid of fear and insecurity.

There is no hate in the world.

Hate is just an absence of love and it is fear based.

I used to teach energy healing and am also a motivational speaker.  I write because I am putting thoughts into words to be remembered for eternity. Writing for me is therapeutic. In 2006, I had a back operation. A simple back operation which went horribly wrong. I woke up from it feeling suicidal. A combination of drugs and anaesthesia had led to an imbalance in my brain and I was deeply depressed. I had to write. Words spilled out of me and I took pen to paper. I felt as if I am being compelled to write my story and journal it. I would get up at four am to write. It was as if a higher source was forcing me to write and that I channeled the work. This journaling helped me to go from deep depression into anger, resentment, guilt and finally to Love.

This took a few years and out of it was born, Once Again Love, with the subtitle being, Reconnecting with the Heart. Writing for me is therapeutic. Journaling your thoughts is essential. Pent up emotions are released and there is clarity of thought.

When I am happy, I write.

The same is true when I am unhappy. Writing becomes essential as it is a way of conveying your thoughts and feelings. Negative emotions are released when pen is put to paper.

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I then burn these pieces of paper and the ash is put into Mother Earth to be transmuted into Love and Light.

Try it. Start writing your thoughts and a short story or novel will emerge. Writing helps you to connect with your heart. It helps to reconnect with your soul.

Sometimes, I sit quietly gazing at trees and flowers. Nature is such an inspiration. It teaches you many things and helps you to get in touch with who you are. I gaze in wonder and then take up pen and paper. Nature poetry is born. It is like a rebirth and writing with still mind is joyous.

Sometimes, people are advised to be strong like the sun and like Gautam Buddha. They must be detached from receiving love or appreciation and give unconditionally.

However, until they have reached a certain level of consciousness, they must receive as they give.

Receiving is not only in terms of money but it could be friendship.

If you keep giving to others without any return, you become resentful.

That is until you reach a higher level of consciousness.

Love, life, and relationships make up our world.

I write because I am a person who loves to write about things which concern me.

When I read, I get to delve into an author’s mind. When I write, I like to share my thoughts hoping that the person who reads my work feels inspired by my thoughts. If you can change one person’s mind and bring clarity into it, your job as a writer is complete.

I tell everyone to carry on reading or start the practice of reading.

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I also advocate writing. Everyone has thoughts and emotions so all you must do is write about them. That is how I wrote my book, Once Again Love.  It is a motivational book.

I write because I am,

Who I am.

It is therapeutic and pure,

To express,

Pen on paper.

Or directly onto a computer.

Then I come to know myself better.

I am a human being,

Trying to understand,

Love, Life and relationships

With Nature, Soul, Myself

And other Human Being.

I write because this process makes me

Better and Better.

I write


I Am.

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Author and poet, Sarita Mathur was a semi-finalist in the Lentswe Poetry Project and has had poems featured in anthologies Unbreaking the Rainbow and The Hudson View. Her book Once Again Love is a mix of poetry and prose.