Why We Should Use The Word Womxn And Not Women

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Womxn. No, it’s not a typo. It’s a word we should learn to use more often. Womxn bashes patriarchy, it includes identities that are looked down upon. It promises inclusivity and independence. It broadens the scope of womanhood. Read on to know more about this transformation of ‘women’ into ‘womxn’ and why you should accept it with open arms.

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With feminism becoming increasingly intersectional with the change in times, the moderation was done not only to portray women as an independent gender by removing the ‘man’ in ‘woman’ but to also include non-cisgender persons otherwise shamed by a vast majority. From being called names to being marginalized, the queer community has faced a lot just because they identify themselves beyond the gender binaries we’ve been living with.

What does the word ‘womxn’ mean, then? Olivia Romero, the co-founder of Pikes Peak Womxn for Liberation, a local organization that works for womxn’s rights, says, “The spelling of womxn is meant to show inclusion of trans, nonbinary, womxn of color, womxn with disabilities and all other marginalized genders. Our organization particularly uses this spelling to separate ourselves from exclusionary feminisms.”

It is not just about replacing an ‘e’ with an ‘x’, it’s about what big manifestation this small transformation has. Language, as we all know, is not just about what we read and write. It’s much more. The ‘x’ makes it clear, once and for all that we are way beyond the identities and roles that have been “assigned” to us since the day we took our first breath. This swapping of letters thus promotes inclusivity and breaks free from the linguistic and patriarchal norms by removing the suffixes “-man” or “-men”. It indicates the denial to be defined by a man.

It is not just about replacing an ‘e’ with an ‘x’, it’s about what big manifestation this small transformation has.

From a society that did not let womxn vote to the one that elects womxn candidates as political representatives, we’ve covered a long journey indeed but there is still a lot more that needs to be done. We need to stop addressing trans people with derogatory terminology. Inclusion is not only being encouraged through the use of this word but also by the altered use of pronouns. For example, using “they/them” to indicate gender neutrality. All these small steps are creating a more inclusive society that values people as they are.

This adaptation of the traditional way of addressing provides for a more liberal way of identification and helps everyone to reclaim their space in society that is being snatched for centuries now. It’s all about not widening your eyes when you see a guy choosing pink over blue, or preferring feminine mannerisms. It’s about allowing your daughter to choose a female life partner. The communities suffering for ages for merely an equal treatment need respect more than pity. What’s wrong in addressing them as womxn if that makes them feel more accepted and valued?

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Saavriti is an intern with SheThePeople.TV. The views expressed are the author’s own.

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