TravelHer: Ruchi Makkad Shares Hacks On Travelling With Kids

Entrepreneur Ruchi Makkad is also a mother to a toddler. For our TravelHer series, she shares some of her secret hacks on travelling with children.

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Ruchi Makkad

"Travelling helps me to learn and explore. I genuinely believe that every travel makes you learn a lot more than you would learn in a college classroom. Travelling is fun as it helps you engage yourself out of the normal routine. It is great to unwind and you are on a learning spree," says entrepreneur Ruchi Makkad.


Kids need their time to observe and absorb. They will feel lost and be disturbed seeing 15 places in a day. Keep extra time with children.

Ruchi, who is also a mother of a toddler, says that it is not easy to travel with kids. “We can do a lot in the day if we plan our travels without kids. But with children, it can be difficult.” This is something that lot of parents, especially mums with young kids can relate to. Travelling often takes a backseat for parents, because it seems like too much of a trouble to keep your kids occupied during the travel time, weave your itinerary according to their interests and comfort and ensure they have a great time.

Which is why asked Ruchi to share some tips that parents can keep in mind while travelling with kids.

Keep extra time at hand


Kids need their time to observe and absorb. They will feel lost and be disturbed seeing 15 places in a day. Keep extra time with children. Do two-three things in a day, space it out because they will take longer. They are not made to work like machines so they will take their own time to engage, feel and enjoy one activity at one time and then move on to the other one.


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Keep their eating routine flexible

Children face a lot of changes while travelling. There is a lot going on in their mind. They are grasping a lot. You are on a holiday. Don’t be stuck to the routine that they have to eat at a particular time.

Keep your kids engaged

Keep your kids engaged, especially on flights, so that they don’t create a huge chaos and to be fair to others. Use activity sheets, colouring or whatever interests them, to keep them engaged. This will also ensure that they do not get restless on the flight.

Take snacks


Take snacks. I take fruit packets. Kids can get hungry anytime.




Make engaging toys with what’s available around. Be innovative, and this will inspire kids to explore thier own creative side.



Pre-book everything. You don’t want your child to walk to a restaurant which is pre-booked. Crankiness is disastrous for you, your child, as well as those around you. You don't want them irritable.

Share interesting information with kids

Whenever you go to a new city, it is always important to find some interesting tidbits of information for the kids. You can google some fun facts for them, to both spark their interest and improve their general knowledge.

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Ruchi Makkad is an entrepreneur, and co- founder of Pink owl company, who is also Head of Partnerships at Sparsh. Views are the author’s own.

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