TravelHer: Seven Countries That Have The Best Natural Hot Springs

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There are only a few natural miracles that can match the comfort of hot springs. Imagine immersing yourself in hot water, surrounded by nature at its stunning best, and feeling every worry and stress seep out of your body. It is a lifetime experience to visit a hot spring and have a relieving bath that will be etched in your memory with such intensity, that the mere thought of the experience will calm you down. Here is a list of seven countries in the world that provide the best hot spring experience.

Takaragawa Onsen, Japan:


Located in Japan, a country that hosts the maximum and the best hot experiences in the world, Takaragawa Onsen is an attraction for more than the healing bath. The hot spring of Onsen is located beautifully amidst the wilderness of nature, providing the therapeutic bath along with the freshness of nature.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland:

Blue Lagoon is the most famous hot spring in the world. The healing warmth of the water is complemented by the picturesque view of the hot spring spread like a carpet amidst the mountains. The temperature of the water always ranges between 98 to 108 Fahrenheit, perfect to dive in for a soothing experience. Besides, it has pure mineral water that is good for skin and the vapours help in removing toxins from the body.


Located in Iceland, the Reykjadalur Valley in addition to the Blue Lagoon makes Iceland one of the best countries of hot springs. The valley, also known as Stream Valley, has so many hot spots that visitors can choose their own and often have a personal hot bath. The hot spring is only a part of the beautiful surrounding of the valley marked with peace aways from the hustle of cities.

The Pamukkale, Turkey


Calling it sublime will not be justified as the Pamukkale is an experience beyond description. Located under the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Heiropolis, this hot spring is very distinctive in its appearance and thus a paradise for Instagrammers. It is divided into 17 tiered pools of hot water that appear pure white with the steams coming out from them. The temperature of the water remains constant at 94 degrees. All this gives the hot spring an ethereal look and the experience is equal relevance from the aspect of history and the natural wonder.

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Hot springs National Parks, Arkansas:


To enjoy the natural hot spring in an urban setting, Hot Spring Natural Park is should be your first choice. It has two bathhouses, the Backstaff Bath and the Qwapaw Bath. The Backstaff Bath is where one can bathe in a personal hot water tub while in the Qwapaw Baths has a communal setting with a pool.

Yangpachen Hot Springs, Tibet:


Located in Tibet and lying within the Himalayas, the Yangpachen hot spring is located at the height of 14,764 feet and surrounded with snowy mountains. The water of the hot spring is too hot, with a scorching temperature of 158 Fahrenheit, thus it is manually cooled down for the visitors. However, once immersed in it, the warm and healing water and the snowy surrounding one of the best contrasting natural experiences to be had.

Terme di Saturnia, Italy:


Located in Italy, this is one of the best hot springs of the world nestled in the south of Tuscany. The hot spring reaches the temperature of about 99 Fahrenheit, a moderate temperature for a soothing bath in all the seasons. Besides, what adds to its fun is that it is free of cost and, also being an attraction for the Romans 2000 years ago, giving it a historical relvance too.

Uunartoq Island, Greenland:


Greenland is another country that is generously blessed with natural hot springs. While many Geothermal spots in Greenland are a wonder to behold, not all of them provide the bathing experiencing of a hot spring. Uunartoq Island, thus is kind of exclusive experience in the country. This island has many natural pools where visitors can immerse themselves in hot water with temperature normally between 90-100 Fahrenheits.

Rudrani Kumari is an intern SheThePeople.TV.

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