Want To Date A Feminist? Here Are 7 Tips to Follow

If you're a feminist person looking to date one, too, here are 7 tips to keep in mind when dating a feminist.

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Tips to date a feminist
Feminists have their own opinions and concerns and are fearlessly vocal about them. Feminists do not care about societal norms and regulations; expecting them to stick to traditional gender roles is folly. They absolutely hate the patriarchy, and traditional patriarchal views on dating disgust them.

In a world where we're still trying to make people understand what feminism really means, dating a feminist can seem intimidating to some because of the stereotypes floating around. If you're a feminist person looking to date one, too, here are 7 tips to keep in mind when dating a feminist.

Tips to date a feminist

  1. Respect the women in your family first. Men are more likely to treat the women in their life better if they have strong bonds with the women in their families—their moms, sisters, and aunts. Guys who respect the women in their family are not driven by hatred and have experience with what constitutes a healthy relationship.
  2. Learn to do your chores and do not be a spoiled little brat. When men do not contribute fairly to domestic chores, women find them to be less attractive. Feminists perceive their partners as dependent and less appealing if they cannot clean up after themselves.
  3. Get therapy. It is vital to be open and talk more freely about your emotions. Suppressed emotions and unresolved trauma can manifest in unpleasant ways, especially for men. Feminists do not have the time nor the patience to be with emotionally stunted people. A person's openness regarding therapy is a sign of admirable traits including emotional maturity, honesty, and wisdom.
  4. Feminists value themselves. Doing the bare minimum will not be enough. Doing the bare minimum means making only the minimal efforts necessary for the relationship to endure rather than flourish. A relationship is fruitless if you cannot meet your partner halfway. Feminists respect themselves enough to not settle for just the bare minimum.
  5. Feminists are very passionate about feminism. You need to be a feminist to date a feminist. The majority of feminists acknowledge that they cannot bear to date someone who will not share their opinions. They merely want women to have the opportunity to contribute to making the world better.  If you are an equalist and consistently refuse to associate with feminism, then you should forget getting her number.
  6. Do not ask them to calm down. Women who disagree with men are frequently encouraged to "calm down" just for speaking their minds. This expression, which is used in one form or another worldwide, is frequently used to dismiss the ideas and opinions of women and reduce them to illogical hysterics.
  7. Learn to listen to women. Men, especially misogynistic, listen more to other men than women. Many men in India were raised to consider women as objects of lesser worth, therefore, they do not see any point in paying attention to them.  ">Feminists don’t find such men attractive at all and stay as far away as possible from them.

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