The Crown Season 4 Teaser Celebrates The Free Spirit Of Princess Diana

Diana isn't shown as a princess much as she is as a woman, who shared an easygoing camaraderie with her girlfriends, a romance with a young man, and unparalleled compassion for the people of her country.

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The teaser for Netflix's The Crown Season 4 is here and it seems to be precisely what it claims to be: the stuff fairytales are made of. The season releasing November 15 hinges on one of the most significant periods in modern British history, as the Queen's monarchy faces an ideological battle with all things contrary to royalty. With the 1970s coming to a close, the country gears up for its first woman Prime Minister, the unwavering Margaret Thatcher, and a free spirit is welcomed into the royal household in form of Prince Charles' bride, Diana Spencer.


Much of the teaser focuses on Diana, played by Emma Corrin, as the season expects to delve into her life from a commoner to a princess, exploring the many upheavals that brought, not just for her, but for the highest powers of Britain. Fans will witness a range of facets from the late princess' life, living through the moments she left behind in her legacy that people still adulate. Going by the teaser of The Crown season 4, Diana isn't shown as a princess much as she is as a woman, who shared an easygoing camaraderie with her girlfriends, a romance with a young man, and unparalleled compassion for the people around the world.

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The Climate In Britain During The 1970s

Post-1950, UK was standing on the precipice of change in its political weather. It had freshly emerged as one of the Big Four after the Second World War, bearing also the after-effects of de-colonising the Indian subcontinent. The latter half of this century in Britain then rested on the shoulders of its government – in this scenario, the first-ever female Prime Minister in the form of Thatcher.

Known for her unrelenting, conservative style of politics and economic rule, Thatcher ruffled several things up in Britain. The British royalty, primarily Queen Elizabeth, began to feel the strains of Thatcher's rule when she took office in 1979. Fans can expect to have a look into the fascinating political climate, and the internal battles that waged, in Season 4. The role of Margaret Thatcher in season 4 of the series will be reprised by Gillian Anderson.

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About The Crown

Peter Morgan’s historical drama, The Crown premiered in 2016, and has had a fabulous run with 30 episodes, ten to each season, so far. It has been the recipient of 39 Emmy nominations through its three seasons for screenplay, cinematography, production, and of course, acting. Claire Foy, who played the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons, later replaced by Olivia Colman to justify the time-age jump, exclusively amassed widespread appeal and accolades for her role, including a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy. The cast also features seasoned English artists like Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip and Josh O’Connor as Charles, Prince of Wales.

The show, whose season 3 saw Academy-awardee Colman in the lead, follows the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II, from her marriage in 1947 to her coronation, up until her Silver Jubilee that marked the 25th year of her crowning. Notable events during the years of her reign have been touched upon in the show so far, etching out the dimensions of the people who played important roles in the Queen’s life, and the fate of Britain in the latter half of the 20th century.

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