The Power Of Lemonade: A Simple Drink For All Our Complex Issues

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Think summer, think lemonade. Oh I can’t remember a single school day, when most of us would stop by the lemonade stalls and that seller pumping it up from a machine. Drinking that in summer is a relief hard to express. As we move into the 40 degree Indian heat, here’s a look at why lemon power is what you should ride on to beat the heat.

  • The Hydrating Powers Of Lemonade

Sour drinks are often associated with refreshment and hydration. But why is it so? Actually, sour drinks are linked with enough salivation that helps in hydration. Your body’s need for water is reflected by a dry mouth. Though salivation is not directly linked with it, but it does contribute, partially towards hydration. So Lemonade on a hot day not only refreshes you but also helps in keeping your body hydrated.

  • Lemon-ade Also Provides Digestion-Aid

Summers come with a disturbed digestive system, for many of us. Lemonade is also linked with laxative properties and thereby, helps in aiding digestion.  Moreover, even in Ayurvedic Medicine says that the sour taste in lemon helps stimulate your agni.  In Ayurvedic, a strong agni is considered extremely good for the digestive system.

  • Lemonade- Age Old Key To Weight Loss

Most of us , especially the ones in an attempt to lose their weight, would have definitely come across the suggestion of taking lemonade in the morning. Due to its potential effects on metabolism, lemon water is associated with weight loss. Moreover, like it is said for water, since lemonade contains water as the main constituent, it also helps you in feeling full and is also low on calories.

  • Effective At Cleansing The Liver

Lemon juice is also effective in cleansing the liver. It helps the liver in flushing out toxins which stabilizes the working of liver.

  • Lemonade Also Helps Deal With Respiratory Tract Infections In Kids

Respiratory Tract Infections can be treated in kids in two ways. Both of the ways include Honey as the main element. Warm Lemonade with honey, two to three times a day helps deal with respiratory tract infections.

  • A Good Source Of Vitamin C

Since lemons are a good source of vitamin C, lemonades with one or two lemons squeezed in water act as a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very essential for the growth of body and repair of all body tissues.

  • When Life Hands You Kidney Stones, Lemonade Helps you Drain Them!

Chronic Kidney Stones, according to kidney,org are often treated by potassium citrate but fruits are found to have high level of natural citrate and this offers great stone preventing benefits. One thing you need to beware of here is , that if you add sugar, much of it, it would increase the risk of getting a stone. So lemonade that is sugarless is really good for your kidneys.

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