What About Student Safety In Hostels? Parents Ask After JNU Attack

student safety hostels

The entry of masked goons inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus and vandalism of college property along with the attack on the students’ union president has led to unrest among the parents too. Many of them are now fearful of allowing their children to stay away from home. As what unfolded at the JNU campus yesterday, proved that even hostels aren’t safe anymore.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Sunday,  a group of around 50 masked goons barged into the JNU campus and attacked students and teachers as per reports.
  • The attacks have sent a shiver down students and parents across the country.
  • JNU student president Aishe Ghosh was brutally attacked, the videos of her head bleeding profusely have been circulating on social media since last evening.

Amidst all that is happening in recent times in the educational institutions across the country, the most unheard voice is that of the concerned parents. We spoke to several parents with children who aspire to move out of their hometowns for higher education, in the upcoming academic year. Here’s what they have to say:

Violence Adds To The List of Factors We’ve Got To Worry About

Rajat Agrawal, a father of two, says, “My daughter will be moving to Ranchi, while I will continue to live in Kanpur. I’m already worried about her safety. The growing episodes of violence in educational institutions only worsen our concerns. Any of our children can be attacked next, and we have no control over any of this since we are too far away to help. The reality is, that our children are unsafe and that’s it.”

I Am Afraid To Send My Children Out To Study

“I know that in a city like Kanpur, my child will never get quality higher education like in Delhi, but amidst all that is happening, I would put my daughter’s safety first. What will I do if anything like this happens to my daughter? I can’t even help her out,” says Akhilesh Bajpai, a resident of Kanpur.

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Where Is The Safety?

“When we send our children to school, we know they are safe. So the part of the day they spend at school, we are tension free about their safety. However, seeing the situation in most of the colleges in the country, I’m afraid if my children will be safe, away from home. After what happened yesterday [JNU Violence], it seems anyone can get into an institute, do whatever they want with the students and we can do nothing,” says Gopal Gupta, a resident of Kanpur.

These Acts Of Violence Hamper Education Opportunities For Students

“After the violence that recently took place in the JNU, many of the parents will now think twice before sending their children to a different city. This hampers educational opportunities for many students as they might miss out on quality education. The government needs to look into the situation and ensure the safety of the students at least while they are in the institute premises,” says Radha Singh, a mother.

It Is Regretful That Our Son Is Growing Up In This Environment

“Though our child’s school is near to our home, we can understand the worries of parents whose children go far away from home. Violence in educational institutions is a huge concern. It is regretful that our son is growing up in this environment,” said Ramesh Gupta and Maya Gupta of Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

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