Staying positive during coronavirus: 10 things to do

staying positive during coronavirus

We all are hoping to get a moment that’s positive. News, whatsapp, social media of other kinds and plenty of government directives – all are pushing us to the brink of sadness, if not depression of some kind. We know the virus is real, it’s fast spreading and it’s here to stay for a bit for sure. So what can we do to stay happier? We take a look at way of staying positive during coronavirus:

  1. Get moving: Physical activity is a great way to send positive hormonal signals up to your mind. Walk around the house. Get that skipping rope from the attic and put it to good use. If you have a staircase access, do step ups and shake up your calf muscles. Yoga or any form of such effort is good for mental and physical health.
  2. Cut down on food: Stay light, eat less. This is because you are not spending time walking your usual steps (even the ones outside a fitness regime) like going to the store or walking from the parking lot to the office floor. Not to miss we are binge watching, eating packaged foods and even way too many biscuits over many cups of tea or coffee.
  3. Turn back time. Dig up old albums and meet all the people when they were 10 years younger. Albums are memories. Rummaging through old stuff lifts the spirits by reminding us of the wonderful moments we have had. They also give us hope for better times.
  4. Read or Listen: Sometimes taking a break from watching comes like a breathe of fresh air. Listen to audio stories, films, podcasts. Pick up a light put, or get what you want, reading a good distraction and also makes you explore something different.
  5. Watch fun stuff. Unlike any epidemic before, we now have the luxury of watching stuff to keep ourselves distracted. Try watching stuff that doesn’t panic you. Watch lighter videos, films, forwards that are funny. Basically find a way to get your mind off current events that make you gloomy.
  6. Help Out. Could you possibly make meals or snacks for your elderly neighbours and drop it off contactless?  May be a call or a whatsapp message to check on them could be what they need to feel better and possibly what you need to feel like you are involved and caring.
  7. Support your staff, stores. Call your staff that’s been off or working from home all these days. Call your house help and check if they need something that you can drop off. Positive strokes are needed by all.
  8. Send love in the mail. Write a few nice words to a friend or family member and lift up your and their mood. People are feeling vulnerable around the world and any little thing can change their day.
  9. Learn. An excellent time to learn and upskill and do more with yourself. If you have always wanted to start a podcast, now is the time. If you have wanted to learn how to bake, try easy recipes off the internet. Be productive and be engaged with something new if that’s your thing.
  10. Make a plan. Routine is a lovely and heave during such times. Make a day plan. Check on the fridge. What do you need, what do you have. How can you innovate. On the personal and emotional front, think of what you want to do with yourself in the day and at the end of the day think of what all you managed to close. It’s not imperative that you stick to it, but this exercise in itself is a great way to checklist and checkoff your own things. It also does you good to have a refresher course of the way your day went.