We Need More Examples Of Dads Standing Up For Daughters

SP Rattana Ngaseppam's proud father, fathers support daughters

It not a picture you see often. A father checking the uniform stars of his daughter who serves in the police. This powerful picture was of Deputy SP Rattana Ngaseppam of Imphal, Manipur, with her father, who was clearly, beaming with pride. The daughter, with her head held high is smiling back at her dad, who is fixing her stars to perfection.

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SP Rattana Ngaseppam’s proud father 

Aren’t these the kind of pictures we need more of? Young women, officers or scientists, finding their place in the world and their dads by their side. The smile of the face of Rattana Ngaseppam a mix of ‘I am your daughter making you proud’ and ‘I am so glad you know you I still love your fixing my uniform.’

Netizens react

According to the Indian Express, the picture, captured a few months ago, is at Ms. Ngaseppam’s home when she got promoted from DSP to additional SP. “We need more such pictures on social,” was the message from Twitterati.

One tweet read “Proud daughter of a proud father”. The other tweet read “Lady making her father proud”. “This is the real face of women empowerment, it’s beautiful,” expressed a twitter user. “So much of emotion reflected in one image,” tweeted another.

We need more of this

There’s a reason why pictures like these go viral. For one, we hardly see these images often – of women breaking ground in professions where they are hardly expected to be seen. And add to that, her father stands for her. The picture is powerful for another reason, that it carries the hope that other fathers will see this and reinforce their beliefs in their daughters. It is incredibly important that in a society like ours, men become allies and advocates for women. Rattana Ngaseppam’s father is a great example of that possible movement. How we are raised is the lens of our world and so to have stronger foundation of values, fathers must stand for and behind their daughters in their dreams. No doubt the influence of parents on their daughters shapes the way women see themselves as leaders and changemakers.

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Daughters equal to sons

Today the daughters are no less than sons in any field. The picture is an example and a proof that if given the right support and education, girls can reach new heights, breaking all stereotypes. 

Gender equality or empowerment is not a female issue, it’s a social and economic priority. It’s vital that we include men in this equation and it is also vital men rise up to the moment and find every example to put out there as one of support. They could also become allies to the movement of gender equality by listening to women and pay attention to the ways in which women want to be supported.

Male Champions

Through this image, we have a dad who is championing his daughter to take on the world in a field few women come around. It’s not just to be a dad but also one who goes out there to break stereotypes that daughters are surrounded by. As Barach Obama said, “any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.” Our dads need to stand up, speak out, take more pictures like these and help us all change the world.



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Saumya Tiwari is an intern with SheThePeople.TV


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