Six Things I Expect From A Feminist Boyfriend

Relationships can help in promoting gender equality and smashing patriarchy by giving more active roles to woman in decision making. This can only be possible when you have a feminist boyfriend.

Divya Rawat
Jun 01, 2020 05:33 IST
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Feminism is about providing equality to both the genders in terms of equal pay, equal education, equal opportunities and also to have equal rights in the marriage. Have you ever tried to think that how love and feminism are related to each other? May be quite often or never? It is something which we struggle constantly in our daily lives. Any relationship involves acknowledgement of love and if your boyfriend claims to be a feminist then you definitely expect him to do certain things. The one thing is advocating equality while at the same time reflecting that notion in the actions is very important.


Here are six things that I expect from a feminist boyfriend:

Mutual decisions

A feminist boyfriend knows that every individual has their own personal choices and rights. While dating a feminist guy, I expect him not to pressurise me for any of my decisions. Rather than imposing his choice on me, he should discuss openly with me and then acknowledges my final say in the decision.


It's not mandatory that in a relationship the guy will always pay for the bills or buy you fancy gifts. Feminist men allow women to pay their share. He should encourage me to become financially independent and there should be equality in paying the bills also.

Respects my opinion


A feminist boyfriend always believes in the free flow of communication, wherein the woman has the freedom to express her thoughts. There might be healthy debates and discussions, whenever a clash of opinion arises. The main motive is that a woman has an equal 'Freedom of Expression' as the man.


Whenever we talk about relationship, consent is the one thing which we value the most. There shouldn't be any imposition of another person's desires on you. If you are not okay with something then one needs to be vocal about it. Your 'NO' means no and you don't need any validation for that.


Love the way as I am

A feminist boyfriend loves you as you are and embraces your imperfections and flaws with an open heart. He will never compare me with other girls. It's all about your choice. He will always uplift me to become a better individual.

Self- love

A feminist man understands that self-love is equally important. It's completely fine to take a break from everything and  spend time with yourself. A feminist man will always encourage you to do things which make you happy.

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