On Selena Gomez's Birthday, Here's A List Of Her Songs That I Cannot Stop Playing

I have grown up watching Selena Gomez on Wizards of Waverly Place and saw her morphing into a sensational singer and actress. Some of her songs touch the bottom of my heart with just her sound. Her songs continue to be some of my favourites that I can listen to for hours.

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Selena Gomez, who turned 28 on 22 July 2020, is a singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. She had her breakthrough role as the teen lead, Alex Russo, in Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007 and has appeared in other Disney shows as well. The singer has starred in over ten movies including Monte Carlo and Another Cinderella Story. She was the executive producer of Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, and sung the soundtrack of the second season of the same.


In the past, the singer has openly spoken about her struggles with depression for almost five years, and her retreat from social media for the sake of her mental health. Before this, she had undergone a kidney transplant for lupus disease.

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Gomez started her career with smaller roles in Disney Channel shows. Gradually, she jumped into the world of music and has created five albums and 25 singles for which she has received numerous awards. She was the Billboard Woman of the Year in 2017 and appointed as UNICEF Ambassador in September 2009. Her latest album Rare was released in January this year.

Here are some songs by Selena Gomez that made me feel things I never knew a song never could:

Who Says (Album- When The Sun Goes Down, 2010)

This song is an anthem that endorses self-love and motivation for teens. Who says you're not perfect; Who says you're not worth it,” is something that every one of us needs to hear sometimes. As a 13-year-old, I used to listen to this song a few times in a week and it lifted me with its positive lyrics and peppy beat. It still works like a three and a half minute long self-esteem booster.


Same Old Love (Album- Revival, 2015)

The first beat of this song gets me snapping my fingers and doing a little tap dance. Selena's voice in the song is nothing short of a melody that touches my heart. For a long time after it’s release, this was my go-to shower song and probably still is. It is an inspiration for women, urging them to command the love they deserve, and to never undervalue themselves.

Lose You To Love Me (Lead Single, 2019)

The hair on my arms stands up when I listen to the highs and lows of Gomez's voice in the song. The tune of this song sails smooth like butter. It speaks of dilemmas of love and breakups and the hard choices we all have to make in a relationship. The sheer rawness that Selena brings to this song is admirable.

Back to You (Single, 2018)

The lyrics of this song are the flow like a Shakespearean romance with worlds like “You could break my heart in two; But when it heals, it beats for you.” The depth of what one feels listening to this melody is unmatchable. Also a writer of this song, her voice has an openness which allows the listener to peek into the singer’s soul. As the soundtrack of the series, 13 Reasons Why, it has heightened the emotions associated with it.


Wolves (Single, 2017)

This single of Selena with music producer Marshmello was a hit worldwide. Everything about the song from its lyrics to the guitar beats is spectacular. Moreover, it creates a heady mix of strength and vulnerability that so many girls can relate to.

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Souvenir (Album- Rare, 2020)

This song from her latest album Rare is my get-dressed-to-slay song. It gives me a boost of confidence no matter what I wear. It’s a simple song with clear and fast vocals. The sporty looks in the video give off an ‘everyday girl’ vibe. Souvenir is one of though songs for me that have perked up this otherwise dull year. I listen to it every time I need a reminder that this too shall pass and we will bounce back from 2020 in bright spirits.

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