Debunking 10 Pregnancy Myths We Grew Up Hearing That Are Untrue

We’re here to help you understand the thin line between relevant facts and absurd myths that have been passed on for generations. Let’s debunk some myths about pregnancy we grew up hearing about.

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Debunking pregnancy myths
Congratulations mom-to-be, and good luck with the overflowing overload of information coming your way. The suggestions around Do's and Don’ts are inevitable and while there’s a ton of information on the internet, it’s integral you figure out what works best for you. Every pregnant woman’s experience is different and so is the process.

We’re here to help you understand the thin line between relevant facts and absurd myths that have been passed on for generations. Together with trusted guidelines by PregaNews to our rescue, let’s debunk some myths about pregnancy we grew up hearing about.

10 Pregnancy Myths We Grew Up Hearing

Morning sickness occurs solely in the morning hours

Ask women who have gone through pregnancy and they’ll tell you the back-and-forth sickness they have experienced throughout their terms. Uninvited nausea does not hold a monopoly for a morning slot - the vomiting and restlessness kick in any time of the day. Therefore, the myth that a pregnant woman has to endure sickness only during morning hours is something we must move on from now.

Moms-to-be must not dye their hair when pregnant

Of course, it’s always a sane idea to stay away from chemicals even while not pregnant. However, minimising exposure and using safer options to colour one’s hair is never prohibited.


Exercising while pregnant can harm the baby

Woah !! Why would someone create a rule like this that only degrades a woman’s health? Exercise is good for pregnant women, especially in their first trimester. Brisk walking is highly recommended for women even in their final trimester of pregnancy. Today, women have the option to choose a varied range of workouts, whatever best suits their body and routine, and it only does good for them and their unborn child.

Sex while being pregnant can hurt the baby

Sexual intercourse is in no way a cause of concern when it comes to the safety of the baby. It differs from person to person, how one is at a certain trimester stage and referring to your OB-GYN or a set of professional guides can help you make informed decisions in this regard.

Air travel during pregnancy can harm the baby

Generally, air travel is safe during pregnancy if you take certain safety measures. Of course, getting yourself thoroughly checked, and keeping your vitals under control is a must. Other than that, avoiding air travel completely because of the risk of the baby getting hurt is a myth we must overlook.


What you eat while pregnant affects the baby’s food allergies

No one can be certain of what kind of allergies a baby will develop, therefore, a mother avoiding certain allergy-prone foods just to keep her baby safe is not a sane idea ideally. The best way to move forward is to observe what suits your body and how you react to certain food items going forward.

Heartburn while pregnant may lead to the baby having a certain kind of hair growth

To allege that heartburn may cause the baby to develop certain features is an immature take on the entire subject. We know that it’s highly likely that the baby’s hair growth during the time of birth is directly linked to genetics and other aspects and bodily features. Therefore, let’s dismiss such a myth that causes unnecessary chatter because a pregnant woman deserves to relax and not bother about specifics that don’t hold solid ground.

“Khatta khaane ka man” Craving for sour food denotes you’re pregnant  

Women do not solely crave sour food, men do too :) The ideology that has been passed on from generations that craving for this type of food item denotes you’re pregnant is untrue. It requires dismissal at all levels.


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