Navratri Special: How Can Women Relate Herself With Durga!

Every female holds Durga in herself. As she accepts that cruelty, brings out mercy.  She deserves respect and it's every shiva's duty to give it. She in every form is human- a powerful human and has ability to do mistakes.

Jayanti Gautam
Sep 27, 2022 13:10 IST
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Navratri Special:
India is currently observing Navratri with all excitement. We worship each of Goddess Durga's nine manifestations. Women are said to embody Mother Durga in all of her forms. A woman is someone who is willing to put the needs of others before their own. She is a person who can readily adapt to other people. All nine of the Avatars mythically indicate daily life and roles of women-be it mother, daughter, friend, wife, or more. We women possess all the powers that 9 forms of durga has. I am going to discuss these powers, and how our daily lives reflect it.

Women are Multitasker!

Mother Durga's idol is usually sculpted having ten arms with which she can carry out ten mighty tasks. Similarly, women in their daily lives become multitasker. Society expect them to juggle between everything and still be perfect in every task. Women does it seamlessly, although lot hard work is put behind the scene, which is not appreciated by patriarchal society. Most of us might have also heard- without a woman, no family would function properly. Woman takes care of cooking, cleaning, feeding, and changing a baby's diaper while also working on her laptop and doing all of her office work. She is constantly engaged in her own war to defend herself against the arrogance of this predominantly male society as well as many forms of criminality, ignorance, intolerance, prejudice, and injustice by speaking up. Din't I told you women are visibly multitasker, only men is ignorant of acknowledging it.

Navratri Special- Let's get into details phase wise 

First form is Shailputri, which signifies great height and persistent. Women are persistent, if they want something, no matter what how impossible it is to achieve it, they still do it. Without quitting it. They might fall, broke, but get up and still good to go.  She is capable of doing anything.

Brahmacharini denotes heavenly consciousness. She is strongminded, can make anyone realise their mistakes, helps meet your inner consciousness. She knows how to make people taste their own medicines.

Chandraghanta, represents moon, the softness in her. Women can do anything for a person she is in love with. All of us might have experienced it at some point of the time. If Shakti can make lord Shiva propose her marriage, convert him from hermit into a human, Change destroyer into a creator. A woman can bring good in the people she loves.


Kushmanda indicates a special capacity for observation. It also means warmth and radiant like the sun. Women has ability to spread love and stick together for years.

SkandaMata is the embodiment of maternal love. Woman and motherhood are seen as two sides of a coin. Motherhood is in-built in women. This phase also denotes the birth-giving capacity of women while enduring the pain. Only women have the mono power of giving birth to another living being. Giving birth may be a power, but it requires special criteria for being eligible. Tolerance, Pain-endurance, ability to love unconditional, and sacrifice. We women do it all, without getting a wrinkle on our face.

Katyayni assures no one can challenge her. She cannot take injustice and believes in punishing evils. She defends herself and won't tolerate nuisance. Women after a point give up on tolerance. She rebels, she knows how to fight for herself and make sure its a victory. So many women face violence in their life, they fight back these evils of 21st century.

Kalaratri is fierce and can go to any lengths to ruin the evils.

Mahagauri depicts a homemaker. She exudes a force that gives our life momentum. She is Annapurna. Women provides food this is true. Our society put this sole responsibility of providing food on women. It is not a power but a life hack, which women knows well because they are suppose to know it. Yet it a skill and one of the phase of women's life.

Siddhidatri is all of it. she possess everything and have this every single day of life. Every female holds Durga in herself. As she accepts that cruelty, brings out mercy.  She deserves respect and it's every shiva's duty to give it. She in every form is human- a powerful human and has ability to do mistakes. She is not divine to be perfect. Though she posses powers, she has flaws, accept it. Instead of being cruel to her.

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