A Sneak Peek At Mother’s Day Celebration At Select CITYWALK!

Mothers Day Celebration At Select CITYWALK
Motherhood is a rewarding and fulfilling role, but it can also be demanding and exhausting. With the constant responsibilities of caring for children, managing household tasks, and often juggling work, mothers rarely find time for themselves.

To make their day a little special, and a little memorable, Select CITYWALK hosted a clay workshop and it turned out to be an enriching and enjoyable experience for them.

Some mothers attended the workshop with their kids and some mothers brought along their friends for a clay date. The workshop offered an excellent opportunity for mothers to come together, and explore their creative sides in a fun and engaging way.

Together they worked with clay, experimented with different shapes, moulded a cup, a pencil holder, a diya, and brought their imagination to life! Learning clay moulding techniques allowed them to share their creative expressions while having a fun chat with their loved ones.

Away from the responsibilities of parenting, moms freely experimented with clay and created some beautiful pottery pieces. These sessions granted them to tap into their imagination and create unique and personalised pieces that reflected their personalities, it was as if they were reliving their childhood.

Through this session, we built a community where women from different age groups sat and communicated, shared a few words, and had a fun chat, giving rise to new, potential future friendships.

Mother’s Day Celebration At Select CITYWALK

Alongside the workshop, they sat and spoke about their fondest memories with their mothers; they shared how they understood the struggles of mothers only after becoming one. Few mothers even shared what it was like to hold their child for the first time, and how the joy doubled when their mothers saw them becoming a mother.

The conversation then shifted to how supportive mothers can be, the instructor of this workshop shared with us her journey of venturing into pottery and owning a studio, and whilst making such a life-altering decision, how her mother never stopped believing in her.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, every mother has a different journey, all of them struggle differently, and cope with it in their own unique ways.

As beautiful as it is, it also is a daunting and never-ending task, but it surely could be tackled with the help of a community and a sense of sisterhood. To help all the young mothers, we collected a few pieces of advice for them– It’s okay not to love every step of motherhood, Trust your instincts, you know what is best for your child & You may need more naps than you’d expect!

The workshop encouraged mothers to do something that’s out of their routine and participate in something they’ve never done before. As we came to the end of the workshop, alongside the souvenir, we adieu them with a gift hamper that consisted of goodies such as products from the Body Shop and Kama Ayurveda.

The hamper was the resemblance that’ll remind them of how brilliant and awesome they are. They had a big smile on their face and they even promised to catch up on more such events conducted by the mall.

In the whirlwind of motherhood, often the mothers forget themselves, but we’re glad to have done something on our part to make their day a memorable one.

*This article has been posted in collaboration with Select CITYWALK*