Millennial Women Discuss How The Lockdown Has Changed Our lives

Lockdown Changed Lives

From playing digital antaksharis on Zoom, to playing multiplayer online games and working from home, millennials have found their own way of dealing with this lockdown. Millennial women of today love to be independent and would stand for their rights, so the third panel on the Online SheThePeople Summit on Facebook, powered by Colors discussed changes that the lockdown has brought to their lives. It was moderated by Shaili Chopra, founder SheThePeople. She spoke to Nirmika Singh, Lyricist and Songwriter,  Angellica Aribam, Indian activist, and Raina Raonta, Social Media Manager and Video Producer at SheThePeople.

How Has Lockdown Affected Your Life

“Lockdown has been a much-needed respite for me from the hectic travel that I’ve been doing. I get to wear a saree every day, do live poetry sessions. Of course, it is an unfortunate situation globally, but I think it is also a moment for us to realize that sometimes we need to press that reset button. So there’s a lot of relooking that is happening- relooking at businesses, relooking at strategy, tactics. It’s time for us to realise that things can change very very rapidly. And this state of flux is what is keeping everyone on their toes. We’ve never seen such a great show of strength globally. The community feeling has really tightened,” says Nirmika Singh.

“We’ve been anticipating this for a while, considering the Janta Curfew. We see the migrant workers walking their way back home. And when you see all those people walk back home, it makes me feel I have my privilege,” says Angellica Aribam.

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What Difference Has  This Lockdown Made For People Who Work From Home

“I work from home, but my friends who go out, they are ok with working at home. Now, the playing field is the same for all. For me, life hasn’t really changed much and I feel, this quarantine was my actual life. But yes, the business, how they are earning, has slowed down a bit. For example, brands- people have to be working here,  for us to earn through that. So my life hasn’t changed much,” says Raina Raonta.

Time To Pause For A While

“It is very difficult to prioritise at the moment because we feel that everything needs to be prioritised. It’s a lot of emotions that we have to deal with. But I also feel that this is the time to just pause for a while when everyone is working from home, more or less. We have to deal with the fact that we have housework, we have to cook, and we have to clean and then do our office work as well. So one the work front, there’s lesser productivity,” adds Angellica.

What Is Different With The Millennial Women?

“We are an interesting generation. We want to do everything, we want to excel at everything that we do. As I talk to a lot of young women, they are interested in public services, they want to get into politics, they want to give it back to the society, they want to excel in their education. So there’s a lot of things that the millennial women want to do,” adds Angellica.

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