This Women’s Day, Take Your Man Places He’s Never Been Before!

Men On Women's Day, Take Your Man To Places He Has Never Been Before
International Women’s Day is devoted to celebrating the achievements of women and bringing attention to issues women face. It is also the day certain men take to social media to ask “When is Men’s Day?” Even though many of you would agree that women don’t need a special day to recognise their greatness, having a day to show love and respect for women, who significantly influence our lives, isn’t all that bad.

Nobody refutes the fact that regardless of our gender, we all need to be loved and respected. Women, this Women’s Day, switch things up and take your man somewhere he has never been before as a surprise. I assure you that they are affordable, have a cosy, pleasant atmosphere, and, best of all, are just what the time calls for.

6 Places To Take Men On Women’s Day


According to the National Statistical Office’s 2019 Time Use Survey, men spend less time on unpaid household chores than women do. In India, only 6.1 percent of men participate in activities like cooking on a daily basis, compared to the majority of women who say they do some cooking on a daily basis.

Research also linked the time young girls’ spent on unpaid childhood chores to gender pay gaps.

What matters is how his mood is lifted and how he learns more about himself, not whether the food he prepares is cooked, uncooked, or even overcooked. You might get a sous-chef for your kitchen if he enjoys this trip. It will be a fruitful trip for both of you.


Your man would have undoubtedly visited this destination countless times throughout his life, given how astounding it is when it is tidy and sanitised. However, according to the same study, only 8 percent of men assist with household cleaning, and only 3 percent wash clothes.

Today is the day he can visit his own toilet with brand-new motivations for cleaning it. After this wonderful trip, hopefully you two can split the chore of cleaning the bathroom.


I’ve got this query for you. Has your man ever cleaned, dried, folded, and set those clothes in his wardrobe on his own? Personally, I have never seen my dad do this, and the study says the same about most men. I’ll take my father to the washing machine and show him how to use it so that my mother can have some assistance in the future. You can too!

Diaper Changing Corner

According to a 2012 Times of India survey, 86 percent of Indian men, whether young or not, believe that feeding, bathing, and changing diapers for children are tasks best left to women. But was a survey really necessary to tell us this? So today, take him to this spectacular destination he has never been to and let him deal with a dirty diaper.

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For a very long time, it was thought that therapy was only for the extremely disturbed, destitute, drug addicts, and the severely anxious and depressed. The stigma associated with therapy is a global phenomenon.

However, therapy is similar to regularly visiting the dentist, beautician, and doctor because our minds require the same level of attention and pampering, but in India, we do not consider therapy to be necessary. If your man feels he needs therapy but isn’t going out of fear of being judged, encourage him to seek it out.

Make him believe that today is the day that he can visit this place with you and that his well-being comes before anyone else’s opinion.


Men rarely visit urologists on their own. Whatever the male sexual issue, talking about it with a partner, a counsellor, or a physician can be helpful. Unfortunately, a lot of men find it difficult to talk openly about their sexual issues, which frequently makes the issue worse.

Sit down and talk to him, he might not want to go or even discuss it, but today might be the day you can break the ice and start a conversation.

Women are known for being excellent multitaskers, but I think that this very multitasking makes them exhausted most of the time. Take a step forward on this Women’s Day, and go on these trips with your partner. You never know, you might find someone to help you with various tasks and share your load.