All You Need To Know About The Upcoming Netflix Show Masaba Masaba

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As the show’s title already reveals, Masaba Masaba will be based on the fashion designer Masaba Gupta’s life, and will star her and her real-life mother Neena Gupta as main leads. That’s right, the two actresses will be playing their own lives on screen. Now that is something we really look forward to! But that is not all. Here are ten things about the show that the actors Masaba Gupta And Neena Gupta, along with the director Sonam Nair and producer Ashvini Yardi have shared in their interviews with SheThePeople, that you’ll want to know before you watch the show.

What’s Masaba Masaba About?

Masaba Masaba is going to be inspiring for people as it is based on the life of two powerful women and their ability to deal with everything that is thrown at them. And in today’s times when everybody is going through a low phase: careers are not going so well, relationships are probably crumbling, nobody knows what the future holds, and we, like the protagonists of the show, have only our own capabilities to rely on.

It Will Focus A Lot On The Mother-Daughter Relationship

In real-life, Neena Gupta brought up Masaba as a single mother. Having to witness her parents’ separation at an early age, Masaba Gupta has already shared with us how her mother always tried to give her the kind of normal childhood that every kid deserves. A portion of the show will focus on this mother-daughter relationship and give us a glimpse at their equation with each other in the present.

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The Show Will Touch Upon Many Topics Hardly Touched Upon In Other Shows

The show will be talking about everything under the sun. It will touch on topics of dating, marriage, divorce, and so on. An example given by Ashvini Yardi was how the show will even shed light on the problems faced by single women in finding a house to stay in. And it is by bringing these issues to the forefront, the show makers aims to start a conversation around them.

There Will Be No Awkwardness Or Censorship On Tabooed Topics

Since in a country like India, marriage is considered to be the most important thing in a woman’s life, and since the show deals with two divorced women, the makers have made an attempt to normalise the concept of separation in the show. According to Sonam Nair, “if the show makers are not awkward and embarrassed about such topics, the audience won’t feel awkward and weird about it either. They will instead celebrate it because of the ongoing tone of the show.”

It’s A Show On Women Made By Women

The show stars two women as their main protagonists. It is both produced and directed by two women. Both Masaba Gupta and Neena Gupta have shared how the crew largely consisted of women, which according to them brought about a sense of comfort in the sets as well. Most of the departments for the show’s production have also been headed by women.

We’ll Get To See A Bold Protagonist

What we know is that Masaba Gupta will not be a conventional, typical Bollywood heroine. Neither will she be a typical protagonist. She will be playing her own self, which is a sassy and bold fashion designer. And that itself is going to be a refreshing change.

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The Show Will Show Successful And Empowered Women In Relatable Light

The director, the producer and the actors, all have stressed on the relatability factor of the show. According to them, Masaba Masaba is about two people playing out their lives on screen. The two protagonists have led an immensely public life, but the show aims to present the fact that even these people go through the same ups and downs in life, and that their day starts and ends exactly like others.

The Show Will Be The Acting Debut Of Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta is a fashion designer by profession and Masaba Masaba is going to be her acting debut. But from what she tells us, looks like the designer is her worst critic and hence has worked hard to make her debut worthwhile. “I didn’t want to be seen as a lazy or bad actor. I remember telling Sonam (Nair) that the minute you feel like I’m slacking I want you to come over to me and tell me”, said Masaba.

The Show Has The Potential To Go Global

The content of the show can shrink global boundaries. As Ashvini Yardi said, “Emotions are the same throughout the world. They might slightly vary due to difference in cultures, but otherwise, the feelings are all the same.” Hence, according to the producer, the show has the firm potential to go global as well, because of how global the subject and both the protagonists are.

The Show Will Celebrate Women Empowerment

Given all the facets discussed above, what we know for sure is that the show will celebrate empowered women and their achievements in life. It will break several societal boundaries and talk about tabooed topics. It will be showing the inner lives of two of the most successful women in the film and fashion industry. And that gives us enough reasons to infer that the show is going to be unabashedly feminist in its approach.

Hence, for all these reasons and more, we cannot contain our excitement to binge-watch Masaba Masaba!

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