Heart warming story that will hug at your emotions. We are all get bogged down with the news, info and data about people dying, getting infected. Coronavirus doctors, other medical staff, other doctors are working round the clock, some on the frontlines, and some through telemedicine during this pandemic. These doctors are not only at risk of virus exposure but are working long hours under massive stress. Many are compromising food, health and of course mental health. So here’s a story that promises to lift you up about a doctor wife and her husband.

So this husband to a doctor decide to help his wife relax by creating a comfort castle. One day when she returned home she found, her husband having made her a makeshift fort inside their house decorated with
warm lights, cushions, a snuggly mattress, tea lights, and a lovely tent cover. The husband also ordered his doc wife’s favourite takeout and wine. Candle lit moments gave a complete overhaul.

“My wife is a doctor. As you can imagine her stress and anxiety levels are high,” shares the husband in a post on Reddit

A video of the entire incident was posted on Reddit and we have it below. The husband cleans the house, preps the ‘feel’ and gets all things in order as his dog looks around and follows whats happening.

man makes comfort castle for wife
Dog also joined the evening dinner with snuggles complete

The doctor works at a University hospital. She arrives home to see the surprise that says “Your puppies and hubby are waiting to snuggle you.” As one can imagine the video has people smiling and fuzzy in their hearts.

man builds confort castle for wife
Man builds comfort castle for wife treating COVID patients

You can watch the entire video below.


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