Male Bashing Cannot Shield Women Against Prejudices They Want To Fight

Character assassination of men in the name of feminism won't make the world equal.

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Feminism, an idea about equality of genders, has become nothing but a buzzword. With its use in virtual discussions, the essence of its meaning is lost somewhere under the heap of trolls, re-posts, and shares. Internet outrages spin stories and peoples' points of view alike. The era that is run by social media largely is more subject to instances of pseudo feminism. At least that's how it looks to me.


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Everybody is making their own attempts to fight misogyny. But is it actually okay to battle it at the cost of misandry? Demeaning men in the name of feminism is where the thin line between the ideology and its pseudo side is erased. The "fem" in the word often misguides people - it does advocate what women are entitled to but on the grounds of equality. It doesn't mean that women in any way are superior as this would take us back to the deep-rooted inequalities. When a man reports of sexual abuse, his "manliness" is put at stake. But why? Are they not humans before being men? They have the right to raise their voice against what they feel is not right.

Character assassination of men in the name of feminism won't make the world equal.

Although misogyny has been more prevalent in society, misandry is not absent either, but yes, it does go unnoticed at times. This is because of the ingrained myths that make men less vocal about the injustices they have had to face. We have been generalizing opinions like that of men being stronger than women or women being more capable and worthy of household work than men. Character assassination of men in the name of feminism won't make the world equal, but standing up for each other will. Male bashing cannot shield women against the prejudices, altering the deep-seated beliefs can.

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We are all humans and are entitled to have opinions of our own. Attacking others on the basis of their mindset or their understanding of independence in the name of feminism is where we are going wrong. A man who is drinking is never a subject of interest for the people, but a lady who drinks catches the eyes and is attacked with offensive comments. A partying woman manifests feminism for making a choice as much as Mithali Raj does for making the nation proud. Whenever a lady goes on to question the status quo, questions, gazes, and judgments are thrown at her. This is where the basic understanding of feminism becomes erratic.


Male bashing cannot shield women against prejudices they want to fight.

Dancing, opining, working, atheism are not acts expected from women. Isn't this making feminism go off-track? This limits women's choice to lead their lives in the way they wish to and in no way does it align with the idea of equal treatment.

In the idea of being fair to all underlies a feminist approach. It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman, a corporate or a sportsperson, we all deserve equal opportunities to be our true selves. The feminist goal is to create an equal society for all, nothing more, nothing less. It implies equal respect to women and not that the other genders deserve no respect or less of it.

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Saavriti is an intern with SheThePeople.TV. Views expressed are the author's own.

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