A List Of Long Weekends In 2020 And Places You Can Visit

long weekends 2020

As the year 2019 is going to wrap up very soon, have you marked your calendar for the long weekends in 2020? Why are we obsessing over long weekends? Because they are an escape from the humdrum of daily life, a time for self, a time to explore, travel and have new experiences. So here is a list of long weekends that 2020 will bring along, oh and to help you plan your travel better we have also paired a list of suitable destinations accordingly.


January of 2020 will have one long weekend excluding Makarsakranti. The days will be Wednesday, January 1st, January 2nd which is Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, though it is only an optional holiday. If you can take off on January 3, Friday, you can enjoy a 5-day-long break, clubbing Saturday and Sunday, i.e, January 1st, Wednesday to January 5th, Sunday. These days will be perfect to escape to a place with a warm climate and a friendly ambience.

Where you can go?

You can hit the Andaman Islands for Scuba Diving or plan a skiing trip to Auli in Uttrakhand if you are an adventure seeker. If you love wildlife, go to Karnataka and spot leopards and panthers while enjoying a moderate climate. You can also visit Ooty if you want to relish a travel experience under wonderful weather, Kutch Gujarat for the White Desert.

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February 21, Friday, is Maha Shivaratri, a scheduled holiday for many. So Saturday and Sunday can be clubbed together and you can have a three-day-long weekend- February 21st, Friday to February 23rd, Sunday. If you can take an off on Monday, February 24th, you can add another day to the list.

Where you can go?

February is a great time to visit Goa to experience a good climate and a fun experience. You can also head to McLeodganj and celebrate the Tibetan New Year that begins on February 24th till February 26th.


March 10th, Tuesday, is Holi while Monday, March 9th is a regular working day. Since it is a festive season and a day before Holi is often considered auspicious for Holika Dahan, and you can take an off on Monday. Clubbing Saturday and Sunday to the list, you can have a four-day-long weekend from March 7th, Saturday to March 10th, Tuesday.

Where you can go?

Since it is the Holi season, visit Vrindavan and experience the best Holi celebration of India.  Apart from the festivities, you can go to Ranthambore for spotting tigers. Go on a shopping spree with good food at the famous Bara Bazar of Shillong. If you need a peaceful getaway, visit Sikkim. To have a lasting experience of cool weather before summer knocks at the door, head to Mount Abu where you get one of the best scenic beauties too.


April 2nd is Ram Navmi which falls on a Thursday, though it is not a restricted holiday (meaning that it is an optional holiday). Take an off on Friday and have a long weekend from April 2nd, Thursday to April 5th, Sunday. The month will have another long weekend of Good Friday which falls on April 10th. So, if you can take a day off on Thursday, April 9th, including Saturday and Sunday, you can have another long weekend, from April 9th, Thursday to April 12th, Sunday.

Where you can go?

April, the month of Spring, and a sultry summer for many is the best time to start on the list of hill stations for travel. Auli in Uttrakhand, Dalhousie, Sikkim, Darjeeling can give you one of the best travelling experience with cool weather. You can also spend Spring-time in the lap of Himalayas, or go for river rafting in Kalimpong.


May 1st, Labour Day, though an optional holiday, is on a Friday in 2020. So you have a long weekend from, April 30th, Thursday to May 3rd, Sunday, if you can take an off on Thursday, April 30th. Then, on May 7th is Buddha Purnima, which falls on a Thursday. Take an off on Friday, and plan a long weekend from May 7th, Thursday to May 10th, Sunday. Again, May 25th, which is on Monday, is a restricted holiday for Eid-ul-Fitr. Take an off on previous Friday and combine Saturday and Sunday, and you have your third long weekend of the month, from May 22th, Friday to May 25th, Monday.

Where you can go?

May is the best time to explore the snow-clad hills of Himachal Pradesh. You can also go to Spiti for its mountainscape, Bir Billing for paragliding or Kerala for its backwaters. Visiting Ooty will be a good idea too as you can witness the flower show with an all-time good climate of the place.


August 3rd is Rakshabandhan, the first restricted holiday of the month, and it falls on a Monday. So clubbing Saturday and Sunday, you can have a three-day long weekend in the first week of the month itself, August 1st, Saturday to August 3rd, Monday. Again, August 31st, Monday is an optional holiday for Onam. You can have another three-day-long weekend at the end of the month, from August 29th, Saturday to August 31st, Monday.

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August 3rd is Rakshabandhan, the first restricted holiday of the month, and it falls on a Monday. So clubbing Saturday and Sunday, you can have a three-day long weekend in the first week of the month itself.

Where you can go?

As monsoon sets in this month, head to the northeast and experience the beauty of monsoon. Do not miss out on Cherapunji. Goa is also a popular choice of a weekend getaway at this time as it is off-season and Goa is already soaked in rain. Monsoon is also a good time to visit waterfalls in Mussorie, in Uttrakhand. You can also be a part of the Onam festival by visiting Kerala.


October 2nd, a National holiday, falls on a Friday in the year 2020. So you have a good three-day-long weekend again at the beginning of the month, from October 2nd, Friday to October 4th, Sunday. However, Dussehra holiday cannot give you a long holiday since it will be on a Sunday.

Where you can go?

Head to Rishikesh for river-rafting, Pachmarhi to watch a stunning sunrise, Varkala to lay in its beaches. You can also go to the Western Ghats and welcome the season of Autumn.


The month of Diwali often brings a long weekend and this year will not disappoint you. November 14th is Diwali and it falls on Saturday, and, November 16th is Bhaidooj, an optional holiday, on a Monday. So take Friday off and you get a four-day-long weekend planned, from November 13th, Friday to November 16th, Monday. Again November 30th is an optional holiday for Guru Nanak Jayanti and it is on a Monday. So, another long weekend, from November 28th, Saturday to November 30th, Monday.

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Where you can go?

Haven’t been to Taj Mahal yet? This month is the perfect time to witness this wonder of the world, away from the sultry heat of Agra. You can also go to Jaisalmer to see its forts and museums. Since it is the Diwali season, visit Amritsar for Golden Temple Diwali celebrations, Varanasi for its Diwali fireworks. The charm of this month is embodied in places such as Munnar, Thekkady, Lamahatta as well.


December 25th, Christmas, will be a Friday. So you have a long Christmas weekend, from December 25th, Friday to December 27th, Sunday. And again January 1st of 2021 will be on a Friday. Take a day off on December 31st, Thursday and have a long weekend again in the very beginning of the new year, from December 31st, Thursday to January 3rd, Sunday 2021.

Where you can go?

Experience the jubilance of Christmas and New Year on the beaches of Goa or pack your bags for Thailand for a great New Year Party. The decorated houseboats for Christmas in Kerala is not a sight to be missed. You can also head to Daman & Diu to witness the Portuguese traditions of Christmas and New Year.

Rudrani Kumari is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.