If Anyone Can Stand Up For A Woman, It’s A Woman!

women supporting women

We, as women, are all fighting our own battles. But what fuels us to keep going heads-up against the atrocities and daily struggles is the solidarity shown to us by fellow women. It sure does feel empowering when you raise your voice and hear its echoes from all directions. Be it your friend, mother, daughter, sister, or a domestic violence survivor miles away, learn to stand up for women! We need to hold hands to break the glass ceiling and shatter the myths that have restricted us for years.

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In movies and entertainment industry, more often than not, women’s relations with each other are projected in a negative light. They are portrayed as scheming characters running after each other’s lives for sometimes money and even guys. However, when duos like Seeta-Geeta (Seeta aur Geeta), Rani-Vijaylaxmi (Queen), Naina-Aditi (Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani) stole the show, our belief in uplifting female friendships and relations was resurrected. Yet another example that attempted to change the mindset was in the recent movie, Thappad. It was Amrita’s brother’s girlfriend who stood up for her when he himself defied her actions. Not only did she strengthen Amrita’s struggle but she also reassured her that what she was doing was not wrong. Later in the film too, Amrita’s mother-in-law supported her in leaving a relationship where there was no self-respect. We definitely need more such on-screen portrayals as real life mirrors the celluloid.

When the rural areas of UP were grappling with the issue of domestic violence, it was a magenta sari-clad women’s group that came to the rescue.

Hailed as the Gulabi Gang, they are known for fighting off the evils surrounding remote women in cases when police failed to take action. A true example of women standing up for each other, indeed! Added to the physical strength, such groups and movements encourage a psychological shift in the minds of females who might have earlier considered themselves as submissive.

Instead of ganging up against each other, calling each other names, or judging the looks and choices, we need to come together as a team to jointly fight away the monster that patriarchy is. Take small steps and start with your own house. If you are a mother, support your daughter in pursuing what she wishes to and hold her hand firmly when she raises her voice. If you are a daughter, then stand by your mother if she desires to walk out of her marriage or for that matter, support her in something as small as keeping her hair grey. If you are a sister, then brace your sibling in her daily struggles against society.

When you see or know a woman suffering from any kind of violence or injustice never ever be just a witness to it. Speak up because if you don’t speak up for someone else, nobody else would do it for you. We, as women must learn to support other women because the voices we hear and the shrieks that haunt us might be our own in the future. If there’s anyone who can stand up for women, it’s women!

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Saavriti is an intern at SheThePeople.TV. The views expressed are the author’s own.