What Financial Advice Will You Give Your Younger Self?

Knowledge in financial matters is something that we accumulate with experience. But what if you could really advise your younger self about some crucial financial decisions?

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Knowledge in financial matters is something that we accumulate with experience. When we start earning, proper financial planning is the last thing on our mind. But by the time words likewise, investments knock on our sensibilities, we have made some poor financial decisions already. How many times have you felt like changing your financial decisions in the past? Although sadly, you cannot!


It is said that we stumble and then learn. However, what if you could really advise your younger self about some crucial financial decisions? Here’s what women have to say about it!

Learn To Manage Your Money

Imagine how much we could have saved if we hadn't spent lavishly on things, especially the ones that turned out to be useless? Dr Shruti Kapoor, founder of, who was recently named amongst the 100 most influential people in Gender Policy for 2019, says, “Learn how to manage your own money. Be financially independent as soon as you can. There is no greater feeling than financial independence. No matter how much you earn, save some every month. Educate yourself about your finances!”

Start Saving Right From The Day You Start Earning

In the initial days of our earning, we normally don’t believe in saving. Madhuree Bannerjee, author, columnist and screenwriter, says, “Invest 20% of your earning with your first pay check onwards. 10% spend on the lavish thing that you're desiring and 70% use on monthly expenses. With each decade add 5-10% more to investing wisely.” Rightly said, drops of water might fill an ocean. Same case implies with money. Saving right means spending right and vice versa.

Take Charge Of Your Financial Matters


Normally, women depend on men to handle their financial matters. Managing your own money brings in the much-needed empowerment. There’s no better feeling than handling those money matters yourself. In short, being ‘Financially Independent’ is a big part of being truly empowered. Shaili Chopra, Indian Business Journalist and Founder of SheThePeople.TV, says, “Manage your own money, go to the banks yourself when needed, open those bank statements and read all that’s in between lines”.

Learn How To Invest

Saving money is just the first step towards being a pro in money matters. Your money needs to be working to secure your future and not the one resting and doing nothing. It’s important as to how you multiply the money you save. Anjali Khemlani, Managing Director at ROI-NJ news, says, “Save Better and Learn how to invest”. Investing money isn't just about buying shares. You need to find out what tool works for you the best and proceed accordingly.

It’s Okay To Ask And Learn Instead Of Being Confused

Why be confused when you can ask someone? Well, our Books Editor Archana Pai Kulkarni says, “I would say, it's okay to make money, to be unabashed & unapologetic about asking for what is rightly due to me, to save before spending, to not put all the eggs in one basket, & to enjoy the purchasing power that money brings. Most of all, take charge!”. Obviously, if we do not hesitate in learning other things, money matters too can be learned and it’s never too late to indulge in financial matters. Ask people, browse other ways, browse financial sites, read investment books. There’s a lot you can do to polish your money skills.

There’s a different sort of contentment when you can buy yourself whatever you want. What’s important is that the money is yours. Many women come out to be weaker as compared to their husband because they aren’t financially independent. Women, who are financially independent, prove to be independent in other fields too. Handling your money is therefore, the most important step towards self-empowerment.

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