Eight Ways Women Can Normalise The Conversation On Money

Why is it that women are ok earning money but shy away from discussing how to utilize it?

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Let’s face it, a lot of women would feel more comfortable talking about anything publicly than discussing financial planning. Most women shy away from taking charge of money and having a say in how their money should be utilized even when they have earned it themselves. So why is it that women are ok earning money but shy away from discussing how to utilize it? After all, it holds true for them as well that it is not just enough to earn money but there is a need to grow it by investing it properly. There is definitely a need to normalise the conversation around money among women. So, here are eight ways in which women can normalise the conversation around money.


Address the elephant in the room

Talk proactively about money and investment with your partner. Make sure you are heard and your opinion is taken into consideration. Talk regularly to understand the financial strengths and challenges you have as a couple. You may have disagreements but learn to resolve them. Talk to your siblings, parents everyone about the importance of independent investment. Don’t give up. Once you take your opinion on money matters seriously the world will follow.

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Have an independent financial consultant

Accept that you cannot be a pro overnight so it is ok to ask for help. A financial advisor can help you with their knowledge and expertise to design a personalized financial plan that can help you achieve your target. You can discuss savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies with your consultant.

Devote time in understanding financial investment


Familiarise yourself with financial terminology and words. Look for books, magazines, seminars which can help you understand the nitty-gritty of good investment and make you aware of the risks involved.

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Have a peer group to exchange notes on investment

Just like for everything else in your life find your own tribe to talk money matters. Find like-minded friends who can give you informed advice on money and investment. Make talking about #financialfitness fashionable.

Talk to your children.

Talk to your kids especially daughters on the importance about making independent financial decisions. Then walk the talk so that you set an example for her. Beware of the kind of money conversation that happens around children if they see their parents bickering about money, they are likely to follow suit. And if they see mutual respect and collaborations in money matters, they will grow up considering it as the norm.


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Have a monthly budget

Have a budget factoring necessary household spending and keep a track on impulse buying so that you have saved enough for your investments. That does not mean you should not buy the dress or the bag you really.

Commit to milestone-based investments

This will help you stay disciplined about your investments. It can be a long-term investment for your kid’s education or a retirement plan. Mutual fund schemes can be a good option here.

Financially support a member in the extended family who is in need.

You may not make money through this but it will teach you a lot about taking charge and being responsible with money and give you a sense of fulfilment and make people believe in your abilities.

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