Dancer to blogging queen, hardwork to success with Miss Malini

Two suitcases and a dream. That's how Miss Malini started out...but then what happened? Know the story.

STP Team
Mar 24, 2015 08:46 IST
Malini Agarwal, Miss Malini

No Bollywood story is complete unless it passes through the Miss Malini muscle. She is the uncontested queen of film news, a blogging sensation who transformed digital into the business case for herself. Malini Agarwal features in our ongoing special series The Next Gen Woman as one who has learnt to reinvent herself with every tide. As she alludes in his conversation, Malini is self-taught, passionate, dedicated and doggedly chases her dreams - all of which have paid off to make her the one woman for a definite follow on social media.

Gossip needn't always have to be mean to someone shares Bollywood's online poster girl as she debunks myths around reporting on India's vibrant, bitchy and colourful film industry. SheThePeople.TV host Radhika Sharma caught up with Miss Malini.

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