Coronavirus Dating: NYC man using drone to ask girl out, goes out in a bubble

Who knows, the dating culture might undergo a permanent change in the post corona world where couples might value the actual connection of hearts instead of the otherwise sought-for physical attributes.

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The coronavirus pandemic has clenched the world in its fists. People are giving in to the halt that the virus has brought us to. But, we need to stay optimistic and spread positivity even in these grim times. Since the next step after 'swiping right' requires you to meet 'the one' in person, dating too was supposed to be affected amid the social distancing we are to practice. But kudos to the millennials for converting this challenge into an opportunity to establish a virtual connect with their dates.


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The Internet has bowed down to Jeremy Cohen, a Brooklyn-based photographer who would possibly be in a long-distance relationship with a girl across the street, credits to the quarantine we're stuck in. Jeremy who was attracted to the girl's energy used a drone to give his number while she was on her rooftop. It worked and the two started texting and fixed a date! He took her roommate's number to coordinate a rooftop date wherein, they did FaceTime to bridge the distance virtually.

The last part of the viral video shows Cohen inflating a human-sized balloon in which he walks across the street to reach the girl's door. What an innovative solution to social distancing!

They go around the city for a stroll. The video had 155K likes at the time of filing this and has been doing rounds on all social media platforms as the 'Quarantine Cutie' since the photographer shared it.

The idea of social distancing has brought back the old ideas to strike up a romance. Some have been resorting to the old school love by writing letters and reviving the long-lost pen pal culture. An innovative lot of singles has been using some hilarious puns and pick up lines, like, 'If corona doesn't take you out, can I?', 'Is that pneumonia in my lungs or has your smile just left me breathless?', 'Do you need toilet paper because I can be your Prince Charmin', among others, to ask out their crushes.

Dating during Coronavirus Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic


Netflix which has already got us hooked to the screens is being used even more widely with the Chrome Party extension where one can simultaneously text while streaming the same content, giving the self-isolated couples a virtual movie session together. Many are even creating and sharing Spotify playlists as a romantic gesture. Playing games together is also possible through apps like Houseparty, Plato and Discord. If nothing seems to work, a video call has been a savior as people are cooking, painting and even having virtual dates through Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. We're actually lucky to have tech at our disposal, unlike our grandparents who never had such advanced techniques in vogue and didn't see their loved ones for months.

These times are testing your attractions and relationships. But isn't it great how people will realize how dating is much more than just physical contact?

The right swipes have become more for just connecting with a person rather than hookups or casual one-time meetings. Who knows, the dating culture might undergo a permanent shift in the post corona world where couples might value the actual connection of hearts instead of the otherwise sought-for physical attributes.

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