BYJU’S 'Education For All' Prioritising Education Across India

Education remains one of the most important aspects that every child should get, and, therefore, BYJU’S Education for All, with the support of its NGO partners, has been helping underserved children with education

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The agony of underprivileged kids is a severe burden that weighs heavily on our society. 

These innocent souls are born into a world where basic necessities like food, shelter, and education remain an elusive dream. Their daily existence is met by the harsh realities of negligence, and a lack of opportunities. Education remains one of the most important aspects that every child should get, and, therefore, BYJU’S Education for All, with the support of its NGO partners, has been helping underserved children with education.

The Education For All i.e. EFA program has provided education to 2.75 Million girls across India, and access to digital learning has given them the hope for bigger and brighter futures. Moreover, 38% of students who attended the JEE entrance in 2023 have qualified for JEE Advance, and 61% of girls have cleared their NEET entrance examination. The program not only aims at empowering girls with education but also focuses on paving the way for a progressive society. In total, 50% of girl beneficiaries have been supported through this initiative.

Here is a little insight into each beneficiary’s life:

Sanjana: She’s a 12-year-old girl who hails from Barigora in Jharkhand, she lives with her father who works as a daily wage labourer, and her mother is a housewife. With her father being the sole breadwinner, the family lives hand-to-mouth. And so in a situation like this education or coaching support was out of the question. That’s when she came across the free BYJU’S Education for All programme through an NGO, where she could access premium content. Since then, she has been sincerely using the visual content to practice more. While the app is available in her local language, she chooses to watch the learning content in English to help improve her fluency.

Riya: 17-year-old Riya hails from Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, and lives with her family of four. While her father works as a daily wager, her mother is a housewife. The family income does not exceed Rs 5,000 every month. They struggle to make ends meet and live on a hand-to-mouth basis. Given her familial situation, additional support was not an option. With her future looking so bleak, Riya decided to work harder. In 2022, she received free BYJU’S premium learning content from BYJU’S Social Initiatives. With the support of this content, she has been regularly practising the basic concepts and subjects every day. In fact, she spends about two hours daily studying with the BYJU’S App.

Poornima: 16-year-old Poornima hails from Hoskote, Karnataka, she comes from a family of farmers and lives with her parents and two siblings. While she dreams big, the primary hindrance to her education is her family’s financial instability. Her father, the sole breadwinner, brings home a meagre income, just enough to help the family break even. In such a situation, it was difficult for Poornima to ask her parents for additional support to get her closer to her aspirations. However, she received a free BYJU’S premium learning content from the NGO Right to Live, with which hope for her future has been reinstated. She practices often and works through her doubts in all subjects.


Neha: 14-year-old Neha lives in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand with her parents. She went to the government school in Chhota Govindpur, Jamshedpur, and is one of the most promising students. However after the pandemic hit, her father who worked as a driver, was unable to work in the pandemic. Meanwhile, her mother being a housewife, wasn’t in a position to contribute to her education. She wasn’t able to keep up with her education, with no access to a smartphone. However, with the help of the NGO ALIG Society, she procured one. Not only this but the phone was also loaded with free access to BYJU’S premium learning content. This helped take her studies to the next level.

Like Sanjana, Riya, Poornima and Neha, BYJU’S Education for All aims at supporting 10 million children with access to quality education by 2025, with the power of learning!

Let’s help children chase their dreams with the power of quality education by spreading the word and signing up students who could benefit from this program.

This article is published in collaboration with BYJU'S

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