6 Times Anushka Sharma Reminded Us Why Women Should Stand Up for Themselves

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If we look at Anushka Sharma through the lens of her diverse characters, we will spot something similar in each of them. It is her authenticity that not only makes her deliver each performance so organically but has also developed her into the person she is today. Actor, producer and entrepreneur, Sharma wears many hats and like so many multitasking women, she manages to shine in every role she takes. Here are some of her quotes that will inspire you:

Free-spirited soul

Over the past twelve years of her career as an actor, one has seen Anushka Sharma always climbing upwards. Delivering one blockbuster after another, she has maintained her success graph.

Her own hero

A public figure’s life has its own perils. Being an actor Anushka Sharma anyway was subjected to various controversies about the men she was dating, about the roles she was choosing and many other things. After she started being open about her relationship with her now-husband and Indian Cricket team’s captain, Virat Kohli, the finger-pointing only escalated. But she never backed down. Even after being blamed for her husband’s bad performances, she still makes sure to be present at the stadium when he plays.

Zen Sharma

Anushka Sharma is often seen sharing tips and tricks of a healthy lifestyle and how she maintains her peace of mind.

A Feminist

Sharma always makes sure to cheer for her female co-workers. She has often spoken about the role of women in our society and how it needs to get better.

A go-getter

At just 32, Anushka Sharma has her own apparel brand and a production company that has flagged path-breaking contents. Be it Bulbbul, the revisionist feminist tale or Pataal Lok about India’s political chaos.

On the gender pay gap

Anushka Sharma is one of the few female actors in the Hindi Film Industry who have spoken about the discrimination female actors face in terms of pay.

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