A Millennial Woman’s Quest For Little Freedoms


As a millennial woman, my canvass of possibilities has touched the roof – quite literally. 

I am busy dressing up for Instagram, putting up fancy ceiling lights for family dinner parties, waking up at six to take my kid to Tennis practice and staying up late to catch up on life (by that I mean social media stalking).

As a millennial woman, I am exhausted.

I am beyond any kind of needs. 

But still, let me brew that thought again. 

What independence do I need? I need freedom from judgement. 

I know as a child of 90s, I am broken inside. I know my priorities are as skewed as my bank balance. I know I am not even close to the ideal woman my mother had been and I am aware it is only going downhill on those standards from here.

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But hey! I am trying. Each day. Beyond anything you might imagine me to be.

I dress up by eight in the morning to walk up in heels to a boardroom meeting where a man is ready to prove me wrong. I attend parent teacher meetings and watch women judge me for my son’s poor performance. I am also listening to long lectures from my mother in law how my bad cooking has impacted my husband’s health. And I am obviously watching my own image in the mirror and admonishing those love handles on me. 

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I am judged from every quarter of my existence. 

This Independence Day, perhaps sit back and let me breathe. For one single day. That’s all. 

Let me update outrageously shocking Instagram Posts where my love handles and cleavage both are putting up a grand show. 

Let me outshout a man in a meeting room without attracting those eye rolls.

Let me not show up at my kid’s Tennis practice because I needed some me time.

Let me drink some wine and watch my husband do the cooking while I Netflix and chill.

Let me watch my grey hair in the mirror and imagine how intellectual I look in them for a change. 

Let me be. 

A millennia has passed with women being judged, maybe this Independence Day you can allow them twenty four hours of free breathing. 

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