Ten Dialogues From English Vinglish That’ll Inspire Every Woman to Chase Her Dreams

Sridevi accidentally drowned

She didn’t know English and ended up in New York for a family wedding. Shashi, played by Sridevi, is constantly humiliated by her husband and daughter for not knowing the so-called ‘elite’ language English, now finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

English Vinglish is the inspiring story of a simple homemaker from India and her display of grit in the face of adversity. She takes up challenges and with her willpower, overcomes every obstacle on her path to earning self-respect, and the language of the city. She carves a new identity for herself. At the end, she emerges as a strong, independent woman.

Here are dialogues from English Vinglish that’ll inspire every woman to chase her dreams.

  1. “Mard khana banaye toh kala hai. Aurat banaye, toh uska farz hai.” (When a man cooks, it’s an art. But when a woman cooks, it’s her responsibility.): Shashi in conversation with Laurent about food and cooking. Sridevi Quotes English Vinglish5
  2. “You have to help yourself. No one can help you better than you.”: Shashi during the speech at the wedding.
  3. “Pehli baar ek hi baar aata hai.” (The first time comes only once.)

    Sridevi Quotes English Vinglish 5
  4. “Family is the only one who will never make you feel small. Family is the only one who will never laugh at your weaknesses.”: Sridevi as Shashi during the speech at the wedding.
  5. “Bahut dino ke baad kisi ne meri itni tareef kari. Thoda chaunk gayi thi bas.” (I received so much admiration after long. I just got a bit surprised.): Shashi to Laurent after the class when he spoke about his feelings about her.Sridevi Quotes English Vinglish 5
  6. “Thank you for making me feel good about myself.”: Shashi to Laurent at the wedding.
  7. “Hum sab alag hai. Tumhare liye David sir normal nahi hai. Shayad David sir ke liye tum normal nahi ho. Magar dil toh dil hai na. Dard toh dard hi hai.” (We all are different. David sir isn’t normal for you. Maybe, you aren’t normal for David sir. But our hearts are the same. So is our pain.): Shashi on David sir being gay.Sridevi Quotes English Vinglish 5
  8. “Jab apne aapko pasand nahi karte hai na, toh apne se judi hui har cheez acchi nhai lagti. Nayi cheezein aakarshit karti hai. Jab apne aapko pyaar karne lagte hai, toh wohi puraani zindagi nayi lagne lagti hai, acchi lagne lagti hai.”

    (When you don’t like yourself, you tend to dislike everything associated with you. New things seem to be more attractive. But once you start loving yourself, the same old life begins to feel new and good.): 
    Shashi to Laurent at the end during the wedding.Sridevi Quotes English Vinglish 5
  9. “How are you going to manage in our country if you don’t know English?” “Like you are managing in our country without knowing Hindi.”:Conversation between the two officials at the airport.
  10.  “Agar apne subject mei fail ho gayi, toh doosre subject mein paas hone ka kya fayada?”(If I fail in my subject, then what’s the use of passing in other subjects?): Shashi on not taking the English exam.

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