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World Health Day 2022- Get That Breast Pain Checked Ladies

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World Health Day, is observed on April 7 every year. It was a day set aside to celebrate the creation of World Health Organization in 1978. On World health day 2022, Shethepeople along with Dr. Tanushree Pandey urge you to get that breast pain checked to keep health problems at bay.

Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. Tanushree Pandey Padgaonkar talked about breast pain and the awareness of when it is normal and when you should visit a gynecologist. She also talks about the changes in the body due to puberty, normal breast pain among girls, and more about breast health and awareness.

Starting off with girls going through puberty, Dr, Pandey points out that when a girl is close to getting her period, simultaneously their breasts are also being developed at that age. Medically called Tanner Staging, Thelarche, Menarche, and Pubarche mark the different stages of development in girls. Beginning with the formulation on little breast buds under our nipples, our breasts begin to develop. As they start developing, they stretch and that may cause pain and tenderness, for girls going through puberty, which is totally normal.

During periods, there is a surge in estrogen and progesterone, which then drop post period. Breast pain is also one of the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. “Breast heaviness and tenderness, much like bloating during periods are normal during the initial years of getting our periods,” states Dr. Tanushree.

 Breast health awareness: What to look out for?

As normal as it is to feel breast pain during our menstrual cycle, we should beware of certain conditions, and not pass it off as normal. A lump in breasts, change in skin color or texture, discharge from nipples, etc are not normal and hence shouldn’t be neglected. Excessive and intolerable pain in your breasts should also be treated as warning signs and immediate doctors consultation on the same is necessary.

As per statistics, breast cancer is the number one cancer among Indian women. The breast cancer rate is as high as 25.8 per 100,000 women. The rate of mortality peaks at 12.7 for the same. It is very important to take care of breast health and be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer and other diseases. It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. This world health day, go and get your breasts checked. Watch the video here.

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