#Health and Hygiene

Why saying “Yes’ is easier than saying “No”

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Why do women have a tough time saying no for sex? Why do they rather make excuses than say no when they are not interested? Women tend to make excuses as it is a socially learned coping mechanism for many of us and we are ‘trained’ to put our partner’s feelings above us. Here are some excuses women generally resort to when they are hesitant in saying no for sex directly.
  1. I’m having period cramps.

The go-to excuse because you can’t have sex when you’re in pain!

  1. I’m not well

Just need to make sure you don’t fall sick as well.

  1. Too tired.

Too much work at the office: A girl needs to rest!

  1. I haven’t showered yet, I smell bad

It should be hygienic because safety is a must!

  1. I have a deadline. I need to complete my work.

As much as I would love to, work comes first honey. A girl needs food more than she needs sex.

  1. I have to wake up early tomorrow

I need to have my beauty sleep to keep those dark circles away.

  1. We don’t have much time right now.

If we do it, we do it right. No other way.

  1. I’m too stressed.

Because what’s the point if I’m not enjoying it?

  1. The moment isn’t right.

The moment should be right so we remember it as something special.

  1. I’m not in the mood.

I won’t enjoy it if I’m not in the feels.

Whatever the excuse might be, it’s always better to come clean about feelings as saying no sets boundaries and makes one more confident and assertive. While being ‘considerate’ is not a bad thing, it is also important to be clear about one’s own feelings and be directly vocal about them.

Even in this 21st century, we are conditioned in a society where a woman is too shy to say no and often doesn’t take decisions about her own body. It’s heartbreaking. A recently released UN report stated that less than half the women in 57 developing countries are denied the right to say “no” to sex with their partners, to decide whether to use contraception. Is this what women deserve? Can this get any worse?

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