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What Is Tomato Fever? India Reports 82 Cases Of The Viral Illness Affecting Children

What is tomato fever
Tomato fever is a mild viral illness that commonly affects young children. It has rapidly spread through India and as of July, there have been 82 reported cases since it emerged in Kerala on May 6.

According to Lancet Respiratory Journal, tomato fever flared in India after children below the age of 5 years became infected upon contact with the virus. The study said the rare viral infection is considered non-life-threatening but following the COVID-19 outbreak, vigilant management is required to prevent further outbreaks.

Apart from Kerala, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu no other regions in India have reported cases of tomato fever.

What Is Tomato Fever?

Dr Dhiren Gupta, a senior consultant at Sir Gangaram hospital said, “It looks like it’s a form of hand, foot, mouth disease with additional symptoms of joint pains and high-grade fever.” Tomato fever can spread from person to person through contact.

Since tomato fever is contagious and can be transferred through contact, children showing symptoms of tomato fever have to be isolated to prevent the outbreak of the virus.

Tomato Fever Symptoms


The disease gets the name tomato fever due to the painful red and round blisters formed throughout the body. The blisters can gradually enlarge to the size of a tomato and resemble the blisters seen with people with the monkeypox virus.

The blisters can also form inside the mouth and throat. This can lead to difficulties when swallowing beverages and food. The blisters can lead to ulcers in the mouth.

High Fever

Tomato fever is believed to be caused by a virus and is considered an unidentified type of fever. Viruses and diseases cause a high fever as the body attempts to fight off the infection. The body raises its temperature to make it harder for the germs to live and multiply inside the body.

Joint Pain

Children afflicted with tomato fever may show symptoms of intense joint pain, swelling of joints and body pain. The symptoms of joint pain are seen in children suffering from a severe infection.

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