Skinny Shaming Explained In Seven Points

There are a lot of people who are shamed for being fat but there is a growing number of people around the world who are also shamed for being thin. Here is skinny shaming explained in seven points.

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When we think of body shaming, the first thing which comes to our mind is a person who is shamed for having a bulky body. However, body shaming is not just fat shaming but skinny shaming too. There are a lot of people who are shamed for being thin.


Here is skinny shaming explained in seven points.

1. What Is Skinny Shaming?

Skinny-shaming in simple terms means criticising a person on how thin they look. Many people especially women hear a lot of phrases based on how underweight and skinny they are. “You’re so thin, do you even eat food?” “You’re only bones, there’s no meat on there,” “Are those chicken legs?” Well these are some comments skinny people have to hear on a daily basis. Little do people realise that these are all examples of skinny shaming.

2. Is Skinny Shaming Okay?

Well, shaming someone based on their body weight, no matter how much it is, is not okay at all. But, in case of skinny shaming, most of the time people don’t realise that they are actually shaming someone. One of the reasons for that is the false concept of skinny bodies have classified as ‘ideal bodies’ which social media has let people into believing.

3. If Skinny Shaming Is Not Okay, Why Do People Still Skinny Shame?


People think that being requires lot of efforts, workout, dieting and what not. This can let them feeling envious of those who have it easy. This gives them a free pass to comment on people with naturally thin body type. They don’t put this into consideration that skinny people might have their own struggles too. Another reason for this is unawareness regarding different body types. Often, people fail to realise that each person’s body works differently and by telling someone that ‘they should eat more’, they’re doing more harm than good. Their concern is unnecessary many times.

4. Can Skinny Shaming Affect Someone’s Mental Health?

Any type of body shaming can take a toll on a person’s mental well being. They can have a lot of self-doubt and self loathing, which will only prove to be detrimental in the long run. Skinny shaming can give people a lot of self-confidence issues. They can have eating disorders, might stop wearing clothes they like, would socialise less and so on. In a world wherein people deal with a lot of stress already, no one would like this to happen to them.

5. Do Movies Play A Role In Skinny Shaming?

To some extent, the entertainment industry, does have a role to play in skinny shaming. Movies often portray actors with perfect silhouettes and size zeroes. Though there are a lot of actors who talk about body positivity but they are a minuscule lot. Most of the actors continue to be in a hurry to lose weight, lose weight post pregnancy and post their gym pictures while they are at it. This lets people into believing that being thin is very necessary so they tend to pass comments on those who have it easier than others.

6. Can Skinny Shaming Be Battled?


We all need to understand that we are all beautiful in our own ways. One way of dealing with skinny shaming is not letting people’s opinion stop you from doing your thing. People are going to judge anyway.

Another way of dealing with it is never staying silent. If someone says hurtful comments to you, explain to them politely the error of their ways. Make them realise that their words hurt you. Educate these people in your own way.

If you are someone who has never dealt with body shaming and feels an urge to comment on someone’s body type, take a moment to rethink whether your comment is actually needed or not.

7. Can Maintaining A Positive Body Image Help You Deal With Skinny Shaming?

Positivity helps you deal with anything in life. Remember that the goal is having a healthy body, not a thinner or curvier version. Moreover, beauty comes from within, rest are all materialistic standards which change with time.  So life life on your own rules and love your self unconditionally because you matter.

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