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What Is A Pap Smear? When Do I Need It? 

Among the many questions we must ask our gynaecologist, one is what is a pap smear and when do I need it. A pap smear is a simple, non-invasive technique in which cells are taken away from your cervix (lower, narrow channel connecting vagina to the uterus). This is done in order to diagnose the probability of cervical cancer in a woman.

This technique makes use if a brush which is inserted inside the vagina in order to take cells from the cervix. It is one of the most easiest techniques used for diagnosing cervical cancer and doesn’t hurt at all. 

Getting your pap smear done is highly recommended. Depending on your health, the doctor will suggest how often you need to get it done.

A pap smear should be done every three years when you are still in your reproductive stage says Dr Tanaya Narendra. Watch the full video to know other questions you need to ask your doc.