Wearing A Tight Bra Can Cause These Problems For Women : 7 Issues to Know

A bra is one of the most important pieces of clothing a woman chooses to wear.

Pratiksha Dixit
Feb 22, 2021 16:14 IST
wearing tight bra

A bra is one of the most important pieces of clothing a woman chooses to wear. When it comes to this intimate wear, women sometimes choose a size tighter than they should, and give in to vanity. Tight bras may sometimes make the bust look fuller giving proper support and shape. Some women make the mistake of wearing bras even when they sleep. According to a study conducted by Harvard Medical University, wearing a tight bra can have grave impact on your health as it can restrict the circulation of blood and can also impair the lymph tissues. Here are 7 reasons why you should dump your tight bra right away:

  • Breast tenderness

While this condition can be attributed to a number of reasons, you must ensure that this isn’t because of the tight bra you’re wearing. When you’re wearing a constricting bra, it can put undue pressure on your breast area and lead to damage of the tissue. 


  • Sore neck

Wearing a too-tight bra can put extra strain on your muscles. If you are experiencing neck and back pain on a regular basis, you must check if you are wearing a proper-sized bra. This means that the support you get is not from the muscles in your chest. Tight-fitting bras have been associated with shoulder pain and bad posture too.

  • Restricts lymph flow


The major reason why tight bras can hamper breast health is due to the fact that they restrict the lymph flow in your breasts. The normal function of the lymph fluid is to wash out toxins and other waste materials from the breasts. But tight bras can impair the flow of these lymph fluids and cause toxins to build up in the breast. This can lead to cancer. 

  • Causes lack of oxygen supply

Wearing a tight bra to bed, especially a constricting one with underwires can cause a medical condition known as anoxia (when a part of your body does not have enough oxygen), which can damage or scar the lung tissues, which has been linked to increased cancer risk.

  • Skin damage

Have you ever taken off your bra and noticed redness and scratch-like marks? These are the signs that your bra is too tight. A tight-fitting bra that doesn’t give the right support can also lead to breast skin damage – usually seen as stretch marks, caused by stretching the skin beyond its recovery point.

  • Discomfort


This one is an obvious negative impact of wearing something too tight for your size. A tight bra is likely to make you feel uncomfortable for a major part of the day and impact your day-to-day activities. The lack of breast support and the difficulty in finding a well-fitting bra has also been linked to a reluctance to exercise, with obvious long-term consequences.

  • Heartburns

Tight bras can cause heartburn, especially if they are underwired. According to experts, anything that’s too tight—a bra, compression tights, belt—will put pressure on the stomach, encouraging the upward flow of stomach acid. If you notice that symptoms increase when you’re wearing a constricting bra, it’s time to loosen up.