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Should I Shave or Wax My Pubic Hair?

laser removal of hair
Wax pubic hair? Shave it? Need some help with what will get some real results? All these questions addressed on girl talk with Dr Cuteris. 

Should I Wax Or Shave My Pubic Hair? 

This is a common question that most gynaecologists encounter. There are many ways to remove hair – from creams, tweezing, waxing to laser. You can also shave it. But what’s the most comfortable and the safest?

Waxing, if you are getting it done should be done by someone who has done it before and done it well and hygienically. “It burns out there and it’s not pleasant.” An experienced person will ensure they don’t rip your skin off.

It’s also advisable if you are shaving, shave in the direction of the hair growth not against it. “When you use a razor you create small cuts and these can lead to infections.”

Also, it is better to not use hair removal creams for this as it can lead to irritation. Watch this video to know all details: