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Surprising Health Benefits Of Amla You Must Know

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The health benefits of Amla are many but remain unknown to us. Nor do we use these benefits of Amla for our health correctly. Know more here.

Amla is also known as the Indian Gooseberry. It is a green-coloured translucent fruit that is found locally in India and its neighbouring areas. The three doshas of the body, the kapha, vata, pitta are said to be healed and balanced by the fruit of amla says Ayurveda. Amla is an ancient superfruit and it can seriously help you in the COVID times.

Benefits of consuming amla

Amla has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties. It contains the nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, Iron, and Calcium. In the COVID times, doctors are stressing the benefits of Vitamin C for building immunity and amla can help with that.

Amla is also said to have healing properties and anti-aging elements. It can also treat acne and blemishes. Amla also helps you get rid of dead skin cells.

The Indian Gooseberry is also known to help with cholesterol levels. It is a magic fruit that can also manage weight and improve the digestive process. Amla juice or pulp when applied to curly hair is said to straighten it naturally.

How to consume amla?

  1. Fresh amla fruit can be made into pickles.
  2. Amla can be combined with sweeter fruits in a salad.
  3. Juice Amla berries with a juicer. Or mash them and soak in water overnight, drain the pulp and seeds, and then drink the juice.
  4. Jelly and jam can also be made out of amla.
  5. Chutney and curries also include amla.

Adding a few drops of Honey to Amla not only makes the sour fruit potable but also enhances its benefits.

Disclaimer: All information here is collected through publicly available credible sources. However, amla can be allergic to people and hence we recommend seeking a doctor’s advise before consumption.

Picture Credit : Gaia Heath

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Surprising Health Benefits Of Amla You Must Know
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