Bizarre Myths About Masturbation That We Should Stop Believing

It's time we debunk these bizarre myths about masturbation and start considering it as a normal human need like any other.

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Myths about masturbation are quite common in societies such as ours where it is a taboo subject. People avoid talking about the topic since society often shames and judges people over topics of sexual nature. It's high time we bust such taboos and myths about masturbation and start considering it as a natural human tendency to satisfy themselves. Here are some bizarre myths about masturbation we need to unlearn.

Ever since the conception of the practice, masturbation is seen as immoral by the people. According to most religious views, the practice of self-pleasure and self-satisfaction is seen as immoral because people disobey the natural gift of sexuality. Many people also believe that the practice comes with many side effects which can harm the body. The stigma around masturbation has led to numerous myths and misinformation about the practice.

According to research, British people masturbated 25% more during lockdown 2020 to kill boredom and free time. The study reported that one-fifth of the adults watched more porn during the lockdown and British men reported a significant increase. Meanwhile, other research published in the Journal of Psychosexual Health stated that sales of sex toys and lingerie increased during COVID-19 lockdowns in India, Spain, France, North America and other countries.

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Eight Bizarre Myths About Masturbation That We Should Stop Believing


Masturbation will make you an addict

Masturbation will not make you an addict. It is quite normal for people to masturbate 3-4 times a week while some might even masturbate once every day. In case the practice is interfering with your day-to-day work, you should consult a counsellor.

People in relationships do not masturbate

It is quite normal and natural for people in a relationship to masturbate. Sometimes it can even serve as a big turn on to introduce into the sex life. People who masturbate while being in a relationship are not cheating on their partners as commonly believed. On the contrary, it can be helpful for couples.

Masturbation ruins the sexual pleasure

Masturbation and sex are two very different things. Masturbation refers to pleasure oneself sexually. Masturbating doesn't necessarily repel individuals from sex. In addition, people respond differently to different sexual stimulation. Some might prefer masturbation over sex according to what they like.


There are no health benefits to masturbation

Contrary to the common belief that masturbation can cause harm to the body, it has many health benefits. It can provide better sleep, reduced stress, lesser headaches, better concentration and increased self-esteem among others. It also does not cause any mental illness, in case you were wondering.

People only masturbate when they are alone

Some people prefer to masturbate together and incorporate the practice into their sexual activities since they may enjoy watching their partners satisfy themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. Mutual masturbation is a safer way to have sex without the risks of pregnancy and STDs.

Masturbation is not normal

Masturbation is as normal as breathing and any other life process. It is also very common for people of all ages to masturbate.


Masturbation can make you infertile

There is no scientific evidence that masturbation can make you infertile. Children start playing with their bodies to explore their sexualities at a young age which is quite normal. However, it does not make you infertile later in life.

Masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can have varied reasons however, masturbation does not qualify as one. When you masturbate repeatedly, you become savvy to your own touch and a certain kind of sensation which might make it difficult to get an erection with your partner. This does not mean masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction.

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