Pre-30 Health Checklist: Key Medical Tests All Women Must Get Done

Don't know what a mammogram or pap smear is? Don't worry we've got your back! Watch our detailed video on the health tests you MUST get done before the age of 30.

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Have you heard of the saying 'prevention is better than cure'? That is exactly the principle behind health screenings whose purpose is to detect diseases when they're at an early stage and still curable. For women, an annual health checkup can mean detecting early signs of breast cancer, cervical cancer, heart disease, bone mineral density problems and other health conditions. Some tests are routine check-ups and some are done depending on factors like age or pre-existing family history.


10 Essential Tests Every Woman Must Get Done Before Turning 30

1. HPV Test

The human papillomavirus test is often given along with your Pap test. Both are done in order to detect signs of cervical cancer and you can start opting for it once you're 25 years old. It is recommended that you get an HPV test done every 5 years once you turn 25.

2. STD Test

This is an important test that you should start doing as soon as you become sexually active, especially if you have multiple sexual partners or are with someone with a history of being with multiple partners. STDs can often be asymptomatic so you can end up transferring it to your partner without realising.

3. Diabetes Screening


Typically, this test is recommended to be done when you're 35 years of age. However, if you are exposed to risk factors like obesity, a family history of diabetes, or high blood pressure then you should get the test done way earlier and go for check-ups frequently.

4. Mammogram

Just like with diabetes, women who have a history of breast cancer in their family should get their mammograms done at an early age to detect it ASAP.

5. Skin Exam

As amazing as sunscreens are, they don't guarantee a hundred percent protection which is why you should go see a dermatologist if you notice any new moles or discolouration on your body. This becomes even more vital if your daily routine exposes you to a lot of sunlight or if your complexion is on the lighter side.


6. Cholesterol Screening

If you have risk factors like diabetes, a family history of high cholesterol, smoke cigarettes routinely, etc. then you should begin your cholesterol screenings at the age of 20 itself.

7. Lung Cancer Screening

This test is not just recommended for active smokers but also for those who may have quit but have a history of smoking cigarettes.

8. Bone Density Test

As women get older they become more susceptible to osteoporosis which puts them at a higher risk of fractures. This is especially true for women with risk factors like poor nutrition, low body weight, history of smoking, etc.


9. Hearing Test

It is recommended that you get a hearing test done every 10 years until you reach the age of 50, after which you should get it done annually.

10. Eye Exam

According to the general guidelines, you should get a baseline eye exam done once you turn 18 and then routinely go for a follow-up every two years until the age of 60.

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